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What’s in My Party Bag With

What’s in My Party Bag With



What’s in My Party Bag with – Hey everyone, so this post is a little bit different to the usual beauty and fashion posts but I think it’s quite fun for you to see variety on the blog and in this post I’m showing you just a few items that are in my party (or everyday) handbag! 🙂

What’s in My Party Bag with – Tech

Ok, so let’s start with the tech items that I always have in my bag!

These are my ‘essentials‘ and if you’re a blogger you need to have them with you more or less, all the time!

Use your phone for Instagram shots, your professional camera for blog photos and as a backup – keep your power bank charger in your car or handbag just in case you get carried away on social media 😉

What’s in My Party Bag with – Beauty Products

Yay! I think all of you are going to love this part…..

I’ll tell you something right here – I used to be worse with the amount of beauty products I’d carry with me however over the years I’ve learnt to only take the ‘essentials‘ with me but seeing as this is party bag post, an eyeshadow palette HAS to be in the mix!

You know how much I love my eye makeup more than anything else! 🙂

Keeping things simple will easily allow you to take things from day to night….

What’s in My Party Bag with – Fashion

Who doesn’t love a little bit of fashion…..

As you can see, there’s a handbag and denim shirt/dress both from which I’m loving at the moment, they’re both lovely to wear during the day but you can easily dress things up for an evening out which I’ll be showing you in Thursday’s post as the photos are currently being edited! 🙂

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So, there we have the ‘What’s in My Party Bag With‘ post and I really hope you’ve all enjoyed it.

It’s something different and I think it’s nice to share a variety of posts, products and items with you all so please do let me know what you think! 🙂

Don’t forget, I’ll be featuring this denim shirt / dress on the blog on Thursday along with the handbag so you’ll be able to see everything in much more detail!


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