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Walk Away 

Hey everyone – So, I hope you’re all well and having a wonderful start to the week, I thought I would sit down before going through my emails to write this post.

Here are a couple more photos from when I visited Bath, it’s such a beautiful place and I really didn’t expect to like it so much – it was all so pretty, the buildings were all absolutely beautiful, there were so many hills too, just beautiful and there was such a calmness in the town centre which I loved.

Walking through different streets, this was the perfect opportunity for some photos and I think it compliments this post quite well as sometimes we all need to ‘Walk Away’.

Walk Away

I think more of us need to walk away from things which are holding us back – whether it’s friends, a job or even a partner….

When you’re in a situation and you start feeling down, unhappy and simply – not yourself, it’s time that you make a change and let go of the things which are holding you back.

More often than not, people get comfortable and just ‘settle‘ – it might seem difficult in that moment however you’ll feel SO much better once you walk away!

RememberPositive attracts Positive and by walking away you’ll then notice a change in yourself – in your mindset.

Little ‘miracles’ will start to happen, more opportunities will come your way – yes, your mind really is that powerful and you have the ability to change your situation and take control of your life.

You need to follow your dreams and do what you love – life is too short and you don’t want to look back and think about all the things which you could have achieved. Live your life – don’t waste it.

Walk away from people you don’t trust – you don’t need to have many friends. 1 true friend is better than 10 ‘friends’ who don’t really care about you.

It’s changes like this which will allow you to grow and develop as a person.

Sometimes it’s better to just…. walk away…..


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P.S – How cute is the John Lewis Christmas advert? I love it! If you haven’t seen it search for #BusterTheBoxer – it’s soooo sweet!!! 😀

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