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Up The Value Of Your Home This Year

Up The Value Of Your Home This Year


Up The Value Of Your Home This Year 

The Sprinkles of Style team is back with a new interior post - sharing ideas and simple tips on how to transform your home and up the value of your property this year.

Redesigning your home is always a great idea if you're in need of a change.

Your home isn't just four walls - it's your personal space, the place where you feel safe, happy and relaxed. 

It's important to think about the changes you want to make - sometimes too many changes can bring down the price of your property however key changes can help you maximise the value of your property - if done correctly. 

Add A Conservatory

If you haven't got one already. 

This is a lovely addition to any home as it not only provides you with extra space but allows you to bring the "outdoors indoors" - especially if you're looking after the garden area with beautiful flowers too. 

Especially with the summer months approaching, conservatories are wonderful as they allow all the beautiful sunlight into your home and increase the value of your property. 

 If this is something you'd be interested in - take a look at James Oliver conservatories as they have plenty of different designs and styles that you can look at. From bespoke to Edwardian, there's  so much to choose from.

Convert Your Loft 

If you have a loft that's currently being used to store bits and bobs - sort it all out and turn it into an extra bedroom or office space. 

This is another way to increase the value of your property and with more people working from home - this is everything you need for extra space and it's a wonderful way to make use of every part of your home. 

This will also give you the chance to go through all your belongings and de-clutter / organise the things you really need. 


New Bathroom 

If a loft conversion isn't on the card, think about changing your bathroom. This, along with the kitchen, is one of the 'key' places in which can instantly increase the value of your home - and, without too much effort. 

Get rid of your older bathroom and look at changing the whole suite - bathtub, sink, toilet, flooring - the lot! 

There's so much choice out there and at really affordable prices too, don't focus only on the suite - pay attention to the little details too.

See Also

Look at getting a lovely tap and shower faucet - there's dual versions for both your bathtub and shower which is worth checking out. 

Pay attention to your bathroom and kitchen and your house price will only increase. 

New Kitchen?

Maybe you'd like to refurbish your entire kitchen - the list is endless and as mentioned above, the kitchen and bathroom are 'key' places to improve in your home. 

Now you have a few tips and ideas on how to up the value of your home this year. If you're making changes to your house - we'd love to hear about them so let us know in the comment below! 🙂

The Sprinkles of Style Team 


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