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TommyXLewis – The Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton Collection is here!

TommyXLewis – The Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton Collection is here!

lewis hamilton and Tommy Hilfiger collection

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TommyXLewis - The Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton Collection

Written by: Layla

Location: London, United Kingdom

Brand: Tommy Hilfiger

It's one of the most anticipated collections and the day is finally here - you can now see the TommyXLewis collaboration on Sprinkles of Style including interviews with both Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton.

TOMMYXLEWIS Collaborative Collection

This is the collaborative collection which we've all been waiting to see and it's finally here!

TommyXLewis - a collection which embraces the brand's sportswear roots whilst revisiting and embracing classic American styles.

As you'll be able to see throughout the collaborative collection, there's a celebration of sporty influences, bold colours and versatile pieces which speak to the confident and modern fans of the brand - all around the world.

Every design which you'll see in the collection has received a twist from Lewis Hamilton's personal style, taking inspiration from both luxury and street-style, combining the pair flawlessly.

Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton have teamed up and embraced one another showcasing both styles through this collection and you know what - it just works. Take a look at the iconic flag for example, this has been placed between Lewis Hamilton's initials which again, has been inspired by his personal body art - his tattoos.

Everything has been carefully considered and it's by far one of the best collaborative collections.


"Shooting on set was a great experience - I love collaborating with the creative people working in the fashion industry." - Lewis Hamilton

TOMMYXLEWIS - Interviews

What are your favourite pieces in the TommyXLewis Collaborative Collection?

Tommy: "I love how proportions get playful throughout the collection with oversized tops and skinny fit jeans. We have some great outerwear this season included a padded denim trucker jacket that adds a casual twist to any look."

Lewis: "I love the iconic military-green parka with the detachable reversible lined, a true wardrobe essential. When I'm at home, I dress for comfort and the white tracksuit is perfect for this. The word 'LOYALTY' on the back of the top - this has been inspired by my personal tattoo and the velvet stripe taping on the arm and leg seams add an unexpected, cool twist."

Why did you want to create this collaborative collection with Tommy Hilfiger?

Lewis: "As my love of fashion has grown, so has my desire to design a collection that is bold and unique. Tommy Hilfiger's continued success at pushing the boundaries, celebrating individuality and reinventing classic styles has always resonated with me. I knew that he would be an inspiring mentor who would express myself in the design studio. I'm proud of what we have accomplished together and I'm very excited to introduce the TommyXLewis collection to our fans this fall."

lewis hamilton

TOMMYXLEWIS - Interviews

What inspired the TommyXLewis collaborative collection and logo?

Tommy: "The collection revisits our sportswear heritage, reinventing iconic America styles. Designs take inspiration from Lewis' tattoos, luxury street-style and his lucky number 44 and feature bold colours. It's a celebration of our brand DNA but at the same time, it's something totally fresh for us. The logo celebrates the iconic Tommy Hilfiger flag and we have used the same font as Lewis' tattoos."

Lewis: "The collection embraces Tommy Hilfiger's sportswear roots and at the same time, it's very close to my personal urban-chic style. I wanted every piece to be comfortable, to stand out and drawing inspiration from my "Loyalty" tattoo and lucky number 44. The logo celebrates Tommy Hilfiger's iconic flag which is positioned behind my initials, reflecting the brand's signature colour palette and the font which I have used for my body art. It's such an honour to see my name associated with such an incredible designer."

What makes Lewis Hamilton an icon of tomorrow?

Tommy: "Lewis has a powerful drive to grow and succeed in all aspects of his life that really captivates his audience. His love of music and fashion as well as the values that guide him every day inspire younger generations to relentlessly follow their dreams."

What makes your collaboration with Lewis Hamilton unique?

Tommy: "The unisex styling is really powerful and makes the whole collection work for everyone. This is something totally fresh for us which can only come from collaborating with partners who share our values and drive. I'm excited to see how our global fans will add their own twist to different styles this fall."

What has been the highlight of working with Tommy Hilfiger?

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Lewis: "It's been incredible to see our creativity come to life throughout every piece of our collection. This is a new experience for me and I learned from the best throughout the process. Every time Tommy and I were in the design studio, I took notes like an intern, learning about fabrics, buttons, threads and silhouettes and I now look at clothes completely differently."

Who is your ultimate icon and why?

Lewis: "My father is my hero and closest friend. He spent all of his savings and dedicated all his time outside of work to support my racing career when I was growing up. He always believed in my dreams as much as I did and I'll be forever grateful."

How do you want to inspire others?

Tommy: "By making others realise that through hard work, passion and dedication, you can achieve anything. I love to mentor emerging designers and trend-setting talents and to share valuable lessons I learned as I pursued my dream of becoming a designer."

What drives you every day?

Lewis: "I'm always setting new goals for myself both on and off track, embracing every opportunity that exists and never letting anyone or anything get in the way. I believe that we are all destined for greatness and I want to inspire my fans around the world to never give up on their dreams."

lewis hamilton and Tommy Hilfiger collection
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Despite this being a collection for men, I have to say that I have my eye on a few pieces! As Tommy Hilfiger says, the styling is unisex so you can get creative with clothes - that's the beauty with fashion.

I also LOVE the white "Loyalty" tracksuit - not only does this look great but you know, loyalty goes a long way.

You know that I love reading all your comments so make sure that you let me know what you think of this collaborative collection between Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton. Are you mentally styling the pieces? I know I am! 🙂

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