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The Shorts Story – Summer Style!

The Shorts Story – Summer Style!

The Shorts Story

When the sun starts to peek through them clouds and you start to feel the weather getting warmer you know summer is on the way…..let me re-phrase that….you HOPE summer is on the way!!
Especially here in the UK, you need to have hope that the weather will get better hahaha!!
Last week we had some lovely days and I really wanted to wear shorts but I didn’t!
Instead I wore a little jacket, vest top, jeans and little ballet pumps……so nice from the usual coat, jeans and boots!!
Anyway after looking on Polyvore (my new favourite fashion site) I started looking for shorts and created this little collage pictured above!!
How cute are the beautiful colours and patterns!? 
I would buy each and every pair of the shorts pictured as you can really experiment with your fashion, wear a cute sweater and shorts, a cute vest top and shorts, a vest and blazer with shorts….you can really go mad!!
What do you think of the lovely colours and patterns?? 
Let me know!!
Layla xxx

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