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The cutest beauty gift!!

The cutest beauty gift!!

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all well and having a lovely weekend! 
I saw the coolest thing today and instantly knew I had to post it on here for you to see haha! 
Gigantic Vaseline!!!!
 At first glance I actually thought it was a massive version of the little vaseline but once I opened it I realised it wasn’t 🙁
It was 4 individual vaselines...the Original one (blue)  rose lips (pink) Cocoa Butter (brown) and Aloe Vera (Green)
This would make a really lovely present for beauty junkies because it can be used for soooo many different things!!!
  • Use the original one for keeping eyebrows smooth and in place.
  • The pink one to get a really subtle pink glow on your cheek if you’ve run out of cheek tint.
  • The brown one for when you need extra moisture as it has the lovely cocoa butter in it.
  • Finally the green aloe vera for your lips everyday!
Each one has a use and as christmas is coming soon it’s never too early to start buying gifts for your family or friends!!
Plus it even comes in pink!!!
You can buy it from Superdrug for £6.99.

Let me know what you think of it! 🙂
Layla xxx
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