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The Benefits of Meditation – Even When Travelling!

The Benefits of Meditation – Even When Travelling!

The Benefits of Meditation - Even When Travelling!

Written By: Sprinkles of Style Team

Location: London, United Kingdom

You may think that meditation can only be done while you’re in the middle of your yoga practice however the wonderful thing about meditation is you can take it everywhere with you and it's a great tool to stay calm, especially when traveling.

Traveling can be highly stressful and this affects the body and mind so having meditation as a tool to keep yourself calm can make all the difference when there's a flight delay or if you're on a crowded bus.

By practicing meditation every so often, you can then tap into that mindset at any time and there's no better time than when you're out of your comfort zone or travelling.

In this post, you can see some of the ways to help your mind and body by using meditation - even when you're travelling.

At The Airport

When you're flying internationally, you're normally at the airport around 3 hours in advance so more often than not - you can end up with a lot of waiting around (unless you're shopping) but even then - you could be waiting in queues.

It's times like this when you may start feeling tension in your shoulders, neck and/or chest - if so, this is when you need to pay attention to how you're feeling.

Breathing steadily and focusing can work wonders on your mindset along with your body, helping to relieve that tension while you're waiting.

On The Flight

You've had your meal and watched some in-flight movies and now, you don't know what else to do.

This is another time when meditation comes into play and can help with your mindset and mood.

Focus on your breathing and if you have the ability, try to stretch or raise your legs up to your chest to relieve tension and soreness in your back.

Pay attention to your body and mind, focus on yourself and get into that positive mindset.


Stressful Moments

Travel can often come with it's mishaps - you may miss flights, trains or buses and sometimes, you're stranded and this is a feeling that no one enjoys.

Again, this is the time when you need to get out of the frustrated state - this is where the sacred pause is something which you can get used to.

When meditating, you will often be asked to acknowledge the times in between your breaths - this is the sacred pause and it's great to practice this when things aren't going your way, it helps you focus on a much more positive mindset and helps to reduce stress levels too.

Things Being Different Than What You're Used To

Chances are, wherever you're travelling to is a different way of life and when you find yourself in a new situation, it can be a little bit overwhelming.

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This is when you can go in and practice accepting whatever is happening - this allows your mind to be kinder to the situation along with not increasing stress or anxiety levels.

Allow yourself to embrace the new experiences and look at the positive aspects.

A lot of people will think that meditation can't happen when you travel however, you'll probably find some of the most inspiring places to meditate when you travel.

Go outside and explore the space which makes you feel alive - embrace the beauty around you and continue with any of your exercises, yoga or pilates practices and try to get your mindset focused on meditation as it does wonders to your mind and body.

Meditation can be a great friend to you while you’re on your travels, helping to keep you calm, relaxed and in a positive mindset which benefits you, your mind, your body and everyone around you.

All you need is a little bit of practice to get into the correct mindset but you'll see all the benefits in no time - melt away the anxiety and allow yourself to see all the beauty and new experiences.

The Sprinkles of Style Team

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