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Takis Shelter Non Profit Organisation

Takis Shelter Non Profit Organisation



Takis Shelter Non Profit Organisation 

Hey everyone! So, I hope you’re all well and having a wonderful week so far! Today’s post is a little bit different to normal and I think it’s something which you’re all going to enjoy.

As a lot of you know, I like to think of my blog as a positive place and through my blog one of the main things which I would like to do more of is help support organisations and people – at the end of the day, we all have to come together and support one another and this cause is one that I absolutely love!

You might have even heard or seen pictures all across Facebook – Takis Shelter Non Profit Organisation now has over 37000 likes and it’s not by chance!

I was actually introduced to the page by my mum earlier this year and as a lot of you know – I’m an animal lover!

As soon as I clicked on the page, scrolled through the photos and saw just how much hard work is being put into the shelter – I knew that we could all come together and support him in some way.

Takis Shelter Non Profit Organisation – About

Takis set up his shelter just over 2 years ago – deciding to give up everything and look after the stray dogs and animals in his community by providing them with food, comfort and – love.

Almost ready to give up on his dream of his shelter, Takis’ Facebook Page started to grow in popularity gaining a vast amount of likes and followers who started to donate money – allowing him to continue with his dream of building a “Paradise Shelter” for his animals.

Since then, Takis has gained over 37K likes on his Facebook page and with everyone’s support and donations he is able to provide a loving home for the disadvantaged animals which are being abandoned or thrown in the rubbish.

Sadly, we all know how things are with stray animals in Greece – I personally see it on the outskirts of Athens when I visit and although it is getting a little bit better – it also seems to be the same in Crete too.

Takis is one-of-a-kind – he does this day in and day out and you can really see the passion he has for his animals and his shelter.

Not only that but Takis updates his Facebook page every single day with plenty of photos and videos to show everyone the progress with his shelter, how all the animals are doing – especially ones that may be going through treatments or illnesses and all your donations are being put back into the shelter for medication, food and necessities which are needed.

Takis Shelter Non Profit Organisation – Get Involved 

There’s a number of ways in which you can get involved and help Takis with his shelter!


One of the easiest ways to help Takis is by donating whatever you like to the shelter – this will allow Takis to raise the funds he needs to develop the shelter further and take care of all the animals with the required medication, vet visits and food etc….

Here are the details for Takis Shelter Non Profit Organisation below.

PayPal[email protected]
Bank Account
Name – stegi prostasias adespoton zoon
IBAN – GR43 0140 6620 6620 0233 0001 066
Bank Name – ALPHA BANK

There’s no set amount on what you need to donate – no matter how little it is, it all helps! 🙂

If you’re ever planning a visit to Crete – Takis will welcome you with open arms! There’s plenty of people who visit the shelter daily, with many people even staying a few weeks to help Takis at the shelter!

Below I’ve also listed Takis’ Facebook Page – give it a like and help to spread the word by inviting your friends and family to the page.

The more people who see the hard work that goes into the shelter, the better! We can all help in some way and Takis needs all the support he can get.

Click HereTakis Shelter Non Profit Organisation 

These are the types of people which we need to look up to – these people are true role models as they’re doing everything they can to help their community.

It’s not about the money – it’s about the passion behind the cause! Takis loves what he does and has given everything to build his dream of helping the stray dogs.

Here are some more photos from Takis’ Shelter!


Takis shares photos like this all the time showing you what YOUR donations do to help the shelter….


We need more people like this in the world so please like and share the page as much as you can – you won’t be disappointed plus you’ll get to see all the progress as it happens day by day! 😀


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