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Street Style – Statement Shoes

Street Style – Statement Shoes


Street Style - Statement ShoesStreet Style - Statement Shoes

Street Style – Statement Shoes

Shoes are such an important part of your outfit however during my “everday days” I’ll stick to the simple of simple shoes – ballet flats or boots however when it’s fashion season you can count on seeing statement shoes and killer heels which will grab your attention and be the talk of the town.

I love shoes and seem to buy shoes in different colours just to line them all up in my wardrobe to look pretty – I know…I can’t help it BUT just look at them gorgeous shoes pictured above.

Both are completely unique yet so different!

In the first photo we have shoes that scream fun, cheerful, bright and slightly quirky yet in stark contrast in the second picture the shoes are simple, classic, elegant BUT the heel makes all the difference – it’s a cut-out gold heel which looks great and will definitely catch peoples attention!

What type of shoes do you like – colourful & quirky or simple & unique?

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