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Its not often that I’ll wear such a Sporty Style look and as a lot of you know and will have seen in many other outfit posts, I normally wear skinny jeans, boots and t-shirts or cosy sweaters!

A few days ago I was looking through my wardrobe for a scarf and ended up finding a pair of jeans that I love but hadn’t really worn as much as I initially thought I would.

This gave me an idea to go totally Sporty Chic for the day, so armed with trainers I teamed them up with my trusty combat jeans and jacket – no handbag, nothing else!

I have to say, it felt really nice not carrying anything but my phone! It was a much-needed ‘day away from handbag‘ and it felt really good! 🙂

Συνηθιζω να φοραω κολλητα τζιν με μποτες αλλα βρηκα καπου στην ντουλαπα μου το συγκεκριμενο τζιν το οποιο μου αρεσει αλλα το εχω φορεσει ελαχιστα.

Ετσι ειπα να ντυθω πολυ σπορτιβ με σπορτεξ παπουτσια και ενα ανετο μπουφαν με κουκουλα και χωρις τσαντα. Οτι χρειζομουν το ειχα στις μεγαλες τσεπες μου και αισθανθηκα πολυ ομορφα και ανεμελα.

DSC_8680_fotor DSC_8688_fotor

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