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She Said Beauty – Press Launch!

She Said Beauty – Press Launch!

Hello lovely people!
 I hope you’re all well and happy that it’s Friday! 
Well I have been sooooooooooooooo busy these past few days I haven’t been able to sit down properly and write good post about my time at the She Said Beauty Press Launch!
I was invited to attend as LaylaD Natural Beauty were featured in their July box and our Clarifying Skin Polish was in their wonderful goody bags which went out to beauty editors and lovely bloggers!
I do have to say though when you’re a new brand not that many people want to know you and I do find it unfair because little companies need a chance to show just how good they are.
We live in a time when all we think about is brands, brands and yes – more brands but if we take a step back and look at the smaller companies we may find that they are just the same if not better quality than the big ones!
But getting back to the point I was invited to the press launch and I was extremely happy to go!
It was at the ‘Soho Hotel‘ which is tucked away down a little street in London and it’s really lovely!
I decided to wear ALL black…yes a little moody you might say but I wore pink Nails Inc nail polish just to brighten up the outfit!
I am going to be receiving some photos from the wonderful photographs Gen who has kindly said she will email me next week!
I was directed to go downstairs and go into the ‘Pink‘ room where I would find the She Said Beauty team….not thinking much of it I went down the stairs (trying not to fall whilst wearing my high heels) and noticed a lovely pink room!
I was greeted by the team, told to sign in, got offered and drink and was whisked to other side of the room to be told about the wonderful new featured of the She Said Beauty website.
She Said Beauty – Press Launch
I’ve used PicFX to create this look but you can see how lovely the wallpaper was and I really want it on one wall of my room hahaha!!
Here is the Founder of She Said Beauty showing people the new features of the She Said Beauty website and telling us all about creating Beauty profiles, how you can ‘Like’ products, share your blog link, share your videos and photos!
If you LOVE beauty & make-up then make sure you take your little behind and sign up to their website! You can create a beauty profile, invite your friends, review products, share what you like, share your blog link and videos!!
After being told about the wonderful new features a waiter came round and offered drinks and as a lot of you know….when I see colour my attention is immediately there!
Soho Hotel – Cocktails!!!!
Yep! COLOUR!!! Hahahaha….they were so lovely!
The blue cocktail on the left was vodka based and the red cocktail on the right was non-alcoholic! 
Make-up at the She Said Beauty Press Launch
A cute make-up stand with lots of wonderful make-up….guests could have their make-up re-done during the launch and it was extremely popular!
I didn’t only because I had already done it earlier in the morning but I did have false lashes put on by Let’s go! lashes!
I don’t normally wear false lashes but they looked SO natural and wonderful it’s a little surprise because I’ll be writing about them in a future post 😉
She Said Beauty Goody Bag!!!
She Said Beauty know how to spoil us lucky girls and whenever I see HOT PINK I know I’ll love it!
Just looking made me laugh like a little kid on Christmas eve which can’t wait to look at their presents hahaha!
Sneak Peek Inside the Goody Bag!
Here is a little peek at what was inside the Goody bag….I will be reviewing ALL of the products in there so make sure you keep checking back as I’ll probably be reviewing one product a day! 🙂
I am such a lucky girl to be receiving such wonderful things and I am so, so grateful! 🙂
Here is a little video which is from the She Said Beauty launch (I’m in it haha) and we were asked ‘What is beauty to you?’
I have finally decided that I will be making appearances on YOUTUBE so make sure you subscribe to 
The more subscribers the more I will be on there hahaha!
Well I think this is enough for one post…I hope you enjoy it and I will be back tomorrow with another post!
Lots of love!
Layla xxxx
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