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Scrun Hair Bun – Review

Scrun Hair Bun – Review


With these warmer days (and humidity) we’re looking for hair accessories to keep our hair looking great and in this post, I’m writing about the Scrun Hair Bun Review.

Buns and updo’s – they’re super chic and popular as they’re the go-to hairstyles for the warmer days but sometimes, they don’t look great…..

This is where the Scrun Hair Bun comes in to play, offering an innovative way to keep your bun / hairdo in place and looking lovely all day long.

Packaging – Scrun Hair Bun Review


As you can see, the Scrun Hair Bun comes packaged in a box and on the front, you have a little teaser of some of the hairstyles you can create – along with some of the items inside.

On the back of the packaging, as you’ll be able to see in photos below, there’s detailing about the Scrun – also known as the scrunched up bun.

I love the fact that you have the detailing on the front and back of the packaging, giving you all the information you need.


Along with the detailing on the back of the package, there’s a link to the brand website where you can get more looks, step guides and hair inspiration for creating your hairstyles.

It’s things like this which make a difference and I just love how much detail and inspiration the brand offers you.

What You Get (Inside) – Scrun Hair Bun Review


Inside the packaging, you get the following.

  • Scrun (Scrunched Up Bun)
  • Hair Clips – To style and hold the bun
  • Hairstyle Inspiration Cards
  • Organza Bag

I think this is a cute little set up! The organza bag is such a great addition as you can put everything inside and take it away on holiday with you.

Or, if you’re organised and like to keep things in one place – it’s a great way to store and keep things together.

Hair Inspiration – Scrun Hair Bun Review


Here are the hair inspiration cards / leaflets – they’re little booklet type cards which give you all the detailing and step-by-step guides.

I haven’t tried re-creating all the styles, I just styled it in a simple bun and it’s really easy to use.

What I do is put my hair up in a ponytail and wrap the scrun around the first bobble / hair tie. Then I just wrap my hair around the scrun and pin it in place – keeping things simple!

Shop – Scrun Hair Bun Review


When you shop for the bun, there’s a variety of different options to choose from.

As you can see, I have the brown bun to match my hair colour but there’s also a black option and a blonde option.

See Also

I’d like to think that the brand will add more colours as there’s such a variety of hair colours nowadays including red, grey and beautiful pastel tones too!

In sizing terms, there’s a classic option and a mini option which allow you to get creative with different hairstyles.


Priced at just £12.50 and for UK Customers, there’s free P&P when you shop online.

If you think about it, it’s not expensive as you can get creative and keep your hair looking great all day long.

I’d love to know what you all think about this and if you’ve tried it – what are your thoughts and what styles have you created?

Layla x

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