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Rose Mae Jewellery

Rose Mae Jewellery

Rose Mae Jewellery

Rose Mae Jewellery by Lisa Hetherington

Rose Mae Jewellery

Rose Mae Jewellery

Rose Mae Jewellery

Rose Mae Jewellery


I think we all love jewellery as it can instantly update your outfit and just give it that edge we’re all after, some of you who have been following my blog will have read about Rose Mae Jewellery as I’ve done another post before…if it’s possible I love the jewellery even more so than what I did back then!

What’s Rose Mae Jewellery?

Rose Mae Jewellery is a new brand for many and was founded by Lisa Hetherington in 2012, what started off as a hobby making jewellery for friends and family ended up becoming so much more and Lisa put a collection together and started selling through Boutiques.

What do I love about Rose Mae Jewellery?

I love the simplicity yet statement you get from the jewellery and how you can wear them along or stacked in a group for that ‘layered‘ look.

Everything is handcrafted in the UK and Lisa uses beautiful stones, sterling silver and glass which just gives it a more luxurious look.

How do I wear Rose Mae Jewellery?

It depends on my mood, sometimes I’ll wear them stacked and other times I’ll just wear one single piece for a delicate look….I’ll be doing more outfit of the day posts so you’ll definitely see the pieces featured time and time again!

What’s the packaging like with Rose Mae Jewellery?

The packaging is one of the best I have seen with any jewellery company around! You get your jewellery in a lovely box which has a lovely ribbon wrapped around it and a little Rose Mae Jewellery label, inside the jewellery is wrapped in a neat little organza bag which is wonderful as you can keep it in there too!

This is the perfect gift especially for birthdays and Christmas as a stocking filler….you will NOT be disappointed by how lovely the packaging and jewellery is!


(I hope that got your attention haha)

Lisa has been ever so kind and has offered all my wonderful readers £5 OFF on your Rose Mae Jewellery pieces by entering the discount code online.


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Can I view Rose Mae Jewellery online?

Of course I have listed all the information for you below 🙂




Will there be new collections?

Yes, Lisa has informed me that there will be new jewellery online next month including sterling silver, mother of pearl and crystals which sound gorgeous!!

Let me know what you think everyone!

Do you love the pieces as much as I do??

Layla xx

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