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Revlon Creme Eye Liner

Revlon Creme Eye Liner

Revlon Creme Eye Liner

Revlon Creme Eye Liner

Revlon Creme Eye Liner Brush

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A few weeks ago I was sent this Revlon Creme Eye Liner to review so I took a few quick snaps to show you the product and a simple swatch, I’ll be wearing this and posting a few more pictures soon! 🙂

The first thing I noticed about this Creme Eye Liner was how different the packaging is, Revlon have put the product in a little jar with a handy brush which slots into the cap so it’s perfect if you’re on the move or doing your make-up on the way to work!

What were my first impressions?

As mentioned above I really thought the packaging was different, you normally see eyeliners in pencil form or liquid eyeliners but this is completely different and comes in a little jar.

What’s the eye liner like?

Revlon Creme Eye Liner has a gel/creme like consistency, it’s nothing new as I’ve tried these before from other brands…think of it as a mix between a powder Eye Liner and a liquid liner!

The texture is really lovely as you can easily apply it, it’s not like a liquid liner which dries in a few seconds but my favourite eye liner is in powder form.

What’s the brush like?
The brush that comes with the Revlon Creme Eye Liner is really lovely and handy, it’s soft yet firm meaning it won’t drag your eye but you still have full control over applying the product so you should end up with a straight line! 🙂

Does the Eye Liner last?

I applied on my hand in the swatch and it came off easily with water and tiny bit of hand wash however I have applied it on my eyes and it doesn’t smudge during the day BUT it does come off easy with a little bit of cleanser and water!
I must point out it doesn’t say it’s waterproof but I like testing products to the max!

How do you apply it?

It’s really simple, you can apply it just like a normal eyeliner, dab the brush gently into the creme/gel and run it along your lash line for a simple make-up look!

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Would I recommend this to my friends, family and readers?

No, it didn’t really excite me or make me think it’s something I’d like to use again, the only thing I really liked was the packaging and the handy brush which is perfect for people on the go!

As I’ve mentioned in the post I will be wearing this and taking a picture so you can see it in much more detail so make sure you check back! 🙂

Have you tried this Revlon Creme Eye Liner??

If you have I want to hear from you!! 🙂

Let me know!

Layla xxx

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