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Place To Visit: Limni Marathona (Λιμνη Μαραθωνας)

Place To Visit: Limni Marathona (Λιμνη Μαραθωνας)


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Place To Visit: Limni Marathona (Λιμνη Μαραθωνας)

Location: Greece 

Here at Sprinkles of Style, things are busier than ever and as it's cold outside, I recommend you put the kettle on and let this post take you away to a warmer country as I'm writing this very post all the way from sunny Greece!  

I recently visited a truly beautiful location and below - you can see the details and photos which I took to share with you all!

Enjoy 🙂

About - Limni Marathona (Λίμνη Μαραθώνα)

 Limni Marathona (Λίμνη Μαραθώνα) is also known as Lake Marathon or the Marathon Reservoir and is located near the town of Marathon.

In 1931, it was the primary supplier for Athens and has since become a go-to destination with many people visiting to sit for a coffee and enjoy the stunning views. 


Places To Visit: Limni Marathona (Λίμνη Μαραθώνα)

When I visit different locations, I like to share places that you might not normally come across or visit and this is the case when it comes to Limni Marathona. 

It's not considered as your typical go-to place and if you're a tourist who's visiting Athens, you'll more than likely stay in the main centre (unless you're then travelling to an island) however - if you're a traveller and venture out slightly, you'll see that Greece really is one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Limni Marathona (Λίμνη Μαραθώνα) - Cafe & Restaurant 

If you choose to visit Limni Marathona, you need to know that you're visiting to see (and admire) the beautiful surroundings. 

There's a large cafe / restaurant which is called Fragma. This is located right above the lake with panoramic views of the stunning scenery. 

You can sit for a coffee (like me) or enjoy some food in the evening whilst admiring the sunset in the distance. 

(I haven't eaten at the restaurant so I can't comment on the food)

No matter where you sit (indoors or outdoors) you can see the stunning views.

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It doesn't matter what the weather is doing either - sunny or overcast, it's still beautiful! 

Make sure you have a camera or your smartphone to hand as you'll definitely want to take pictures of the beautiful view and treasure the memory! 

 I shared a video on Instagram and you all seemed to love it too.  🙂


I hope you all enjoyed this post and the stunning views as much as I did - you know that I love reading your comments so let me know what you think and if anyone has been to Limni Marathona, I'd love to see what you thought! 

Hope you all have a lovely day and I'll be reading your comments soon! 🙂


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