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Photo Editing Apps

Photo Editing Apps


Photo Editing Apps

Photo Editing Apps

So I know this has nothing to do with beauty or fashion but a lot of people want to know about photography for their blog. I’m no expert in this field whatsoever, I’ve just learnt about photography through a lot of practice and looked to other bloggers for inspiration.

One of my favourite blogs is Lipstick With Some Sunshine – it’s such a sleek blog and the photos always look great and after reading that Tamira uses ‘Afterlight‘ and ‘Sqauready‘ for her photos I thought I’d take a look.

The picture above is my very first picture edited using Afterlight and Sqauready – they’re both wonderful apps and you’ll be seeing a lot more on Instagram and Twitter! 🙂

What do photo editing apps do?

They basically edit your photos taken on your phone, you can use different effects and just give it a more polished look and edge than a standard photo.

Afterlight – This is my favourite out of all the photo editing apps. There’s so many effects to choose from and I love how you can edit the brightness, saturation, contrast and all the other technical sounding aspects which you’d normally find on photoshop or iPhoto!

Sqauready – I’ve been searching for an app like this for AGES so thank you Tamira! Have you ever wondered how so many Instagram pages have rectangular shaped/uncropped images? This is what they use!!

Will I be using more phone photos on my blog?

I’ll definitely be using more phone photos on my blog as I quite like how they look but for my reviews I will be sticking with my camera.

I feel like I can take better photos using my camera especially for reviews where I like doing close-ups, getting good swatches, colours and generally showing off the product in as much detail.

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Let me know what you think! Would you like to see more pictures like the one above?

Do you use any photo editing apps?

Layla xx

Thank you to Tamira from Lipstick with some sunshine for sharing your photo editing apps! 

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