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Outfit- Stacked Bracelets

Outfit- Stacked Bracelets


Outfit - Stacked Bracelets

Outfit – Stacked Bracelets

Every outfit needs to have some jewellery teamed up with it, whether it’s a delicate necklace, a statement ring or a bracelet – there needs to be something complimenting your outfit.

My go-to jewellery when I’m in a rush is stacked bracelets, they always look great and take an outfit from ‘ok‘ to ‘yay‘ in seconds!

Stacked bracelets have an effortless feel about them and often wear them in the summer with maxi dresses, shorts and vest tops.

The bracelets pictured above have been kindly sent to me from Rose Mae Jewellery, you may have seen this brand featured in the past but I quite liked this pictured and wanted to use it in this post πŸ™‚

Rose Mae Jewellery handmakes it’s jewellery which makes things special as you know a lot more effort and thought has gone into the process when making the jewellery and that’s quite nice.

If you like these bracelets then you can visit Rose Mae Jewellery by clickingΒ HEREΒ where you’ll be taken straight to the website and able to browse all the pieces! πŸ™‚

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So, it’s a short but sweet post, let me know what YOUR go-to jewellery is!

Layla xx

– The first bracelet is not from Rose Mae Jewellery – the ‘Hope’ bracelet onwards are all Rose Mae Jewellery.Β 

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