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Oscars 2019 – In Pictures (Best and WORST Dressed)

Oscars 2019 – In Pictures (Best and WORST Dressed)


OSCARS 2019 - Best and Worst Dressed

Written By: Sprinkles of Style

Where? The Oscars took place at The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Take a look at some of the best and worst dresses stars from the Academy Awards which took place yesterday.

Olivia Colman - Oscars 2019

2019 has been the year for Olivia Colman who has graced the award season with her elegant gowns, all of which have been timeless, complimenting her whole look.

As you can see in the image, the best actress winner wore a rich green Prada dress with the neckline being in a turtle-neck form.

The detail which stood out was the sheer overlay - this elegantly dressed her shoulders however it's the back detail which made all the difference.

Take a look and you'll see the the material is tied into a bow - this cascaded all the way down the dress, blending with the material.

On the sheer overlay, you'll also be able to see tiny design detail - this caught the light and complimented the whole look.

The rich green shade also looked fab with Olivia Colman's complexion - we love it!


Jennifer Lopez - Oscars 2019

Jennifer Lopez always brings a touch of glamour when she attends red-carpet events and this is no exception.

Dressed in Tom Ford, you can see that this whole look oozes glamour and we especially love the closed neckline.

(Closed necklines will be a trend to look out for thanks to Olivia Colman and Jennifer Lopez)

Along with this, you can see the delicate touches of jewellery.

They're slightly understated and whilst this 'completes' the look, it allows all the attention to stay on the dress.

The Tom Ford dress is so shimmery in fact that you can even see the red-carpet reflecting on her dress - talk about glamour!

Gemma Chan - Oscars 2019

This gown caught our attention thanks to it's eye-catching colour and whilst this has been very hit and miss by the media, we think the dress overall is complimented by the lovely colour.

Again, the neckline detail is closed but thanks to the frill detail - the Valentino gown has a definite 'summer' feel to it.

Is it the colour?

It is the frill?

We're not sure but Gemma Chan has made this work.

Jewellery and accessories have been kept simple - as you can see, she's wearing a lovely pair of drop earrings, simply yet keeping all the attention on the dress.


Ashlee Graham - Oscars 2019

More often than not, simple gowns have a touch of glamour and elegance to them and this is the case for Ashlee Graham who wore this beautiful Zac Posen gown to the Oscars 2019.

The figure-hugging dress features an asymmetrical neckline and slight mermaid train which adds an elegant, timeless glamour to the whole outfit.

Again, as we've been seeing - the jewellery has been kept simple but we're loving the diamond double-chain necklaces.

She's also wearing a very pretty statement ring on her little finger - adding that touch of understated glamour and brining the whole look together.

Emma Stone - Oscars 2019

Emma Stone, she's the girl everyone wants to have as a best-friend and whilst we always love her looks, we're slightly let down by this dress.

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In a lovely copper colour which compliments her complexion and make-up, the dress from Louis Vuitton also features exaggerated shoulders and a textured design but it doesn't make us say "wow".

We can't help but thinking that maybe, just maybe the dress would have been more 'complete' if she'd have worn her hair down in a messy beach-waves look?

Overall, it's pretty but it's nothing special - sorry Emma!


Lady Gaga - Oscars 2019

We always wait and see what Lady Gaga will have in store for us when it comes to her red-carpet gowns and this isn't what we expected to see.

Considering that it's the Academy Awards, we thought we'd see something much more over-the-top but you know what - we like this look from the singer and "A Star Is Born" actress.

Lady Gaga's dress is a strapless gown from Alexander McQueen and whilst we love the top part of it, we don't like the exaggerated hips - it's just odd.

Teaming up the dress with a pair of elbow-length gloves for old-style, Hollywood Glamour along with the Tiffany & Co Diamond Necklace which was worn by Audrey Hepburn. Price being worth around £23 million.

Whilst this is a slightly 'simple' look for Lady Gaga - it worked well for the evening and her performance on-stage with Bradley Cooper when performing "Shallow" leaving fans going crazy on the internet.

Billy Porter - Oscars 2019

We'll just leave this here....

No matter if it's a man or woman wearing this look - it just doesn't work.


There we have some of the best (and worst) dressed people from the Oscars 2019 and we can't wait to read all your comments and see what you think too!

Let us know in the comments below and let us know what you look for in an outfit....

Sprinkles of Style

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