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oNecklace Infinity Jewellery

oNecklace Infinity Jewellery

oNecklace Infinity Jewellery

oNecklace Infinity Jewellery

oNecklace Infinity Jewellery

oNecklace Infinity Jewellery


oNecklace Infinity Jewellery*

For those of you who have followed my blog you’ll have heard about oNecklace before as in the past I have received a personalised name necklace from them which I love!

What did I get sent?

oNecklace kindly offered to send me an infinity jewellery necklace and was asked what I would like written on either side of the necklace….I didn’t want any names on my necklace as I wanted to have a saying which I’ve grown to love.

La Vie Est Belle….translated it means Life is Beautiful.

It means something to me as I want to take each day and make something of it, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I receive, for my amazing family always supporting and for being able to do things I love!

What’s the oNecklace Infinity Jewellery Packaging Like?

As you can see in the pictures my necklace came through in a really fab box which has a magnetic seal which opens up to reveal your necklace on a white background which is soft to touch.

I do think the packaging is beautiful for gifts and especially with the Christmas season coming up I think you can really do wonderful things with personalising someone’s jewellery!

How much is this oNecklace Infinity Jewellery?

This exact piece is priced at $33.95 and I got mine on an 18″ chain as I still wanted to wear my other necklace I got for my birthday.

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Can I view oNecklace online?


You can click HERE to view oNecklace.

You can click HERE to view the oNecklace Infinity Jewellery.

So, let me know what you think….have you bought anything from oNecklace?

Do you like the idea of personalised jewellery and making something your own??

Layla xx

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