Morning Coffee & Cake!!!

Morning to all you lovely readers!!
In the morning I tend to come downstairs make a cup of coffee and eat some lovely cake!
To my horror I realised that yesterday I didn’t have any cake as I’d eaten it all so I decided to make some and here is the end result!!
Dessert, Cake and Icing Sugar!
This is the prettiest cake I have made and I think what made it even prettier is the icing sugar which I call ‘Snow Dust‘!
It reminds me of a cake I see around Christmas time but I eat this all year-round!
It’s just a simple sponge cake but extremely moist! I’ve learned a little trick from my gorgeous mama who makes the BEST food!!
(Everyone’s mum seems to make the best food)
As I’ve mentioned before I LOVE cake and sweeties….my sweet tooth never seems to be satisfied but oh-well that just makes more of an excuse for chocolate hahaha!!
Hope you all have a lovely day!!
Cakes, Snow Dust and hugs!!聽
Layla xxx


  1. 24th October 2012 / 2:50 pm

    YUM grabbing my coffee and will be right over for a piece

    • 24th October 2012 / 3:22 pm

      Haha! Anytime!! There’s always some cake at my house!! 馃檪 xxx

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