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Midnight Society DISCOUNT – 10% OFF EVERYTHING plus FREE delivery!!

Midnight Society DISCOUNT – 10% OFF EVERYTHING plus FREE delivery!!

I am so excited to be sharing a wonderful discount code which has been provided for you wonderful readers out there.
Midnight Society is an incredible clothing brand which was founded in 2012 by Sisters Holly Hardy and Heather Brickley.
The inspiration for their clothing comes from mixed tapes, forgotten birthdays, first loves, Saturday detentions, late night story telling, midnight snacks, house parties and never growing up….this was on their website but it was just so cute when I read it that I had to pinch it and write it on here!! 🙂

These gorgeous t-shirts are some of their best-selling ones and thought it would be good to share the picture with you!
I’ve actually spotted a few on their website…..
  • Bon Voyage Sweater£39.00
  • Lets Make Lemonade Vest£30.00
  • Vacay Vest (Pictured)£35.00
  • Catchin Rays Vest £30.00
  • Love Struck Sweater£39.00
These are my favourite items and yes I know some of you may be thinking £30.00 for a vest but what you have to think of is the quality.
Yes you may find ‘similar’ things on the high street but I would rather pay a little more to know that the quality of my clothing is great and it won’t be something which I will see on another person when walking through the town…..
I also love the fact that the apparel tees have been made slightly oversized….I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this…when I go shopping I end up buying my t-shirts 2 sizes bigger so that they’re oversized and this is the very FIRST company I have seen to actually make tees which look cute and come in gorgeous colours to be oversized!!!
I’m actually smiling right now….this means you can wear the shirts off the shoulder, over leggings, over jeans and over cute denim shorts…..hello summer!
Please make sure you take advantage of this incredible offer guys…you’re going to love the tees!!!
The offer is available until the 12th May so it’s 10% OFF plus FREE delivery to all UK orders! 
All you need to do is enter ‘ LAYLASMAKEUP‘ at the checkout!
Here is the link to their website:
Ahhhh, I’m in love with these gorgeous tees!!!!!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!!
Layla xxx
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