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Melvita Citrus Body Milk

Melvita Citrus Body Milk

Melvita Citrus Body lotion

Melvita Citrus Body Milk

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Melvita products are absolutely delicious and last week I was sent an incredible parcel of goodies containing this utterly gorgeous Melvita Body Milk with ‘Energising Citrus Fruits’.

What is it?

As mentioned above it’s a Citrus Body Milk from Melvita containing Energising Citrus Fruits.

How does it feel on the skin?

It’s more of a lightweight lotion than a creamy body lotion and in sinks into the skin in a matter of minutes leaving it lovely and soft.

I prefer lightweight lotions as they don’t just sit on the skin or make it feel sticky!

How does it smell?

Melvita Citrus Body Milk smells absolutely divine!

I prefer sweeter smells (think soap and glory) however the citrus scent is just as nice. It’s not a harsh or sharp citrus smell, it’s lovely and delicate like a blend of summer fruits, grapefruit and oranges with a hint of sweet tones.

Does it last all day?

My skin felt soft and smooth all day long however the scent did fade throughout the day and you could just about smell it in the evening.

Did you use a lot?

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Nope – I used 1 pump on each arm and 2 pumps of lotion on my legs, it was more than enough and I’m sure it’ll last a very long time as it’s 200ml!

You can see that I used far too much in the picture and that pump would have easily covered my arm but you’re left with gorgeous, smooth skin!

Where can I purchase this from?

You can purchase the from their website for ONLY £15.00 and that’s for 200ml

Would you recommend this to your friends, family and readers?

I have already recommended this product to my friends and family and everyone has commented on how lovely the smell is, once you try it you’ll understand!

If you love your body lotions and citrus scents then this is definitely a product for you, without a doubt!

If you’re like me and prefer your sweeter smells I would still recommend this as the scent is absolutely beautiful, it’s almost mouth-watering as you can pick up the orange tones.

If you’ve tried the Melvita Citrus Body Milk please let me know as I’d love to hear what you think – especially about the scent!

Layla xx

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