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Look Good Feel Better – The Makeover Brush Set (And A Giveaway With A Difference)

Look Good Feel Better – The Makeover Brush Set (And A Giveaway With A Difference)


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Look Good Feel Better - The Makeover Brush Set (And A Giveaway With a Difference)

Written By: Layla

Location: London, United Kingdom

This is an article and a giveaway with a difference....

Look Good Feel Better

For over 20 years, Look Good Feel Better has been supporting women and teenagers who are struggling with the visible side effects of cancer.

They're the only WORLDWIDE cancer charity providing practical support and through their programme, they have helped people face cancer with confidence.


The Makeover Brush Set

OK, in this post, I'm writing about this Makeover Brush Set and one of you will be able to WIN it (details below).

The Makeover Brush Set is the ultimate collection for any occasion - ensuring you have all your go-to tools.

As you can see, the packaging is sleek and I love the colour combination of white, grey and pink - it's very pretty yet the bright pink catches your eye and compliments the whole theme of Look Good Feel Better.

Whats Inside?

The Makeover Brush Set has all your essentials - this is great if you're someone who's on the go and below, you can see what's in the box.

Protective Pouch - This is a lovely addition and a great way to store your brushes. The pouch comes with a magnetic clip to secure your brushes in place.

Powder Brush - The biggest (and fluffiest) brush. Can be used to apply pressed powder, bronzer, blush or highlighter, it's a great all-round brush.

Duo-Fibre Stippling Brush - I love this for blending foundation (when worn) or even blending concealer onto your skin. It's super-soft and blends makeup flawlessly!

Tapered Blending Brush - A lovely brush to apply your eyeshadow. It's a lovely size so great for applying base colours and blending a darker shade onto the crease area of your eyes.

Detail Brush - This is a lovely addition to the makeup brush set. Everyone needs a detail brush as it's great for defining eyes to create a beautiful smokey eye or to apply a highlight on the arch of the brow or inner corner of the eyes to brighten the whole face!

(They're also cruelty free and Soft Touch for the most sensitive of skin)



Through this post, I'd like everyone to get involved - if we all come together and support charities like this, imagine how many more people the charity will be able to help through difficult times and through their free workshops they provide.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below....


Here you can find the links for the relevant pages on Look Good Feel Better - it's a worldwide charity so I've listed the links to different pages.

If you can, please get involved and support them in some way.

Look Good Feel Better UK Website

Look Good Feel Better Fundraising

Look Good Feel Better Worldwide


Here are the links for Look Good Feel Better social media pages - please make sure you support them on social media as every follow and like helps! 🙂

Look Good Feel Better Facebook - @LookGoodFeelBetterBrushes

See Also

Look Good Feel Better Instagram - @lgfbbrushes

Look Good Feel Better Twitter - @LGFBBrushes



Did someone just say Giveaway? That's right!

You can WIN a set of these Makeup Brushes whilst supporting the charity - here's how to get involved in the giveaway.

FACEBOOK - Like Sprinkles of Style and Look Good Feel Better. There's a post on my page for you to like and share - please tag 3 friends to get involved, we need to support the charity as much as we can!

INSTAGRAM - Like the photo on my Instagram page and tag 3 of your friends - don't forget to follow Look Good Feel Better and my Instagram page too.

This is a WORLDWIDE giveaway so anyone and everyone can enter but you need to support the charity and also my pages. Winner will be announced at the end of the month! 🙂

(If the giveaway doesn't reach the desired amount of interaction (likes/follow on pages mentioned, shares and tagging of friends) I have the right to remove the giveaway and feature it again at a later date)

Thank you to everyone for reading this post - if we all come together and help support charities like this, the world will become a better place!

Look Good Feel Better do such an amazing job and I'm going to get involved in some way so I'm sure you'll be seeing more from the charity online but make sure you support them by following them on social media and getting involved in the giveaway! 🙂

I'd love to know what you all think of features like this and also if you support any charities?

Good Luck for the Giveaway and please share the post / giveaway / charity on social media! 🙂

x x

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