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London Fashion Week – Fyodor Golan and Nokia

London Fashion Week – Fyodor Golan and Nokia

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London Fashion Week – Fyodor Golan and Nokia

Did you ever think you’d see an interactive skirt? Well here you go!

Nokia has teamed up with Fyodor Golan to design the worlds first interactive ‘skirt‘.

The ‘skirt‘ changes screen colour as it moves simulating the appearance of actual fabric with it’s shimmer effect…I think that’s quite cool and to me that’s what fashion is all about.

I love seeing brands collaborating and pushing the boundaries, fashion is about having fun and creating things that people can’t imagine.

I’m not saying you should start wearing an interactive skirt however I do love seeing unpredictable things and so far London Fashion Week has raised the bar!

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Let me know what you think of this interactive skirt!

Layla xx

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