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Karen Millen Printed Trousers

Karen Millen Printed Trousers

Karen Millen Printed Trousers


Karen Millen is known for beautiful designs and textures and yes, I do agree that sometimes the pricing may be over-priced however for the quality it’s something I’m happy to pay for especially when I spot gorgeous trousers like these Karen Millen Printed Trousers.

What do you love about Karen Millen?

As mentioned above I really like love the beautiful designs, colours and textures of clothing…you pay what you get for and I like knowing if I pay a little bit more I won’t see every person wearing the same.

What do you love about these Karen Millen Printed Trousers?

Ah, what don’t I like about these trousers….nothing! I absolutely LOVE everything about them, from the texture, to the colours and design….it’s not over-the-top or a design which can be seen from a mile away.

It’s a lovely delicate blend of colours, white, black, purple and lilac and the design is almost like a leopard print mixed with a few lines here and there….it’s really lovely and definitely something you can wear all year round with different accessories and shoes.

How much are these Karen Millen Printed Trousers?

Some of you will think ‘WOAH‘ but I would like to mention that there are a lot of people who like to look, like to see whats out there and this is what I’m doing….I am sharing pieces with you from a variety of brands from high-end to high-street.

They are priced at £125 and I do think that the price is fine, think about how you can wear it all year round, team this with a big knitted black jumper and ballet shoes for the colder days, cute vests tops and sandals for the spring/summer and heels for a night out….you can really get a lot of wear out of them!

Can I buy these trousers online?

I’m so happy to say YES!

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You can click Karen Millen Printed Trousers to be taken directly to the product page or click Karen Millen to go to the homepage and browse through all clothing!

Please let me know what you think of these trousers…are they something you would wear??

Let me know!

Layla xxx

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