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Finding Inspiration For Your Blog

Finding Inspiration For Your Blog


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Finding Inspiration For Your Blog

A lot of people ask me where I find inspiration for my blog and I don’t think that there’s any set rule or way to get inspiration, sometimes things just flow and I instantly have ideas and other times I need to take a step back, clear my thoughts and think fresh.

Below I’ve listed some ways which could help you when thinking of ideas for posts 🙂


My workspace is where I spend most of my time to blog, it’s covered with candles, jars filled with petals, fairy lights and of course beauty products….. it’s chaos but it’s my ‘organised chaos‘.

Having beauty products around me helps keep my mind in focus and normally I like to have the actual product that I’m writing about in front of me so I can go over things, if it’s a lip balm for example I’ll re-apply it, smell it and look at the packaging….it just helps me describe it better in my posts and that’s why I tend to go into so much detail! 🙂

It could also be a colour from a product or a scent from a candle, my candles are all quite sweet at the moment due to the weather change – think cinnamon, vanilla and berries….this might inspire me to write about skincare products with sweet scents or a makeup post featuring berry colours.

I feel that by creating a workspace that you love, things will come to your mind a lot quicker and make the whole process much more fun – it’s about being comfortable and happy with where you work! 🙂


I absolutely love my magazines and have stacks of them, they’re under my desk, on my desk, stacked on my beauty shelves and even in my handbags – yes I’m actually that bad!

I really enjoy sitting down with a mug of hot chocolate, candles lit, fairy lights on (it sounds like a date night doesn’t it?)  and flicking through the glossy colour-filled pages….all the trends, clothes, skincare and makeup – I get SO much inspiration and have written up many posts after seeing something featured in them.

Once you’re done with them you can create your own DIY magazine clutch bag or even a scrapbook with fashion and beauty – this is all about inspiration and at the same time having fun with what you do!

Starbucks & Costa

Yes, I know this may be a ‘typical blogger‘ thing to do however there’s many days when I just want to go and have some ‘me‘ time – I enjoy being in a different environment and having a lovely coffee, it helps me get my ‘blogging’ head on and I normally draft up some decent posts 🙂

I love sitting in a little corner and especially by a window – this is when I people watch….people do and wear some weird things BUT I normally I’ll spot a gorgeous handbag, a chic pair of shoes or see a lovely hairstyle – there’s so much out there and you never really know what might lead to you amazing idea for a post! 🙂

My Actual Posts

9 times out of 10, my actual posts give me inspiration to write up another post.

I was recently writing a review on a mascara and halfway during the post I came up with an idea of writing about mascara wands and their differences….

Like I’ve mentioned above, I honestly don’t think that there’s a set rule or something specific which inspires me, all it takes is a look at something and I’ll have a ‘lightbulb‘ moment when I know exactly what I want to write about.

What I’ve mentioned above are just some ways to get the ball rolling, if one person finds something useful then I’m happy! 🙂

See Also

The main thing that I really want to get across to you lovely people is that you have to have fun and enjoy what you do, enjoy the process of blogging – if things starts to become boring then take a few days or weeks out – if you have fun then it will never feel like work and everything else will fall into place! 🙂

I always love hearing from you gorgeous readers so let me know where you get inspiration from and if you have any questions keep scrolling as I have a little surprise 🙂

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P.S I’ll be writing a little guide about blogging so comment, email and/or tweet me your questions along with your blog link – everyone that sends me a question will be featured in the guide… 🙂 

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  • I enjoyed your post so much, because you give me more ideas! I usually get inspiration by digging in my make up storage, but Pinterest and magazines are a huge inspirational source too! I have the ideas, but not the right devices to transfer my thoughts on to photos…!

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • I have almost the same tips…And…can I tell you a secret? When I was leaving in Cyprus, I loveeeddd Costa coffee! It was my addiction…..and thos frozen chocolates….oh my!!!

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