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Home Decor: Trendy Pieces For Spring Decorating

Home Decor: Trendy Pieces For Spring Decorating



Home Decor: Trendy Pieces For Spring Decorating – Ah, how pretty – seriously how pretty does this room look, it’s simple, sleek and gorgeous!

Below you’ll find some of my tips on picking trendy pieces for spring decorating – it’s always good to make a change in the house with the seasons!

Home Decor: Trendy Pieces For Spring Decorating – De-Clutter

There’s something really quite relaxing about de-cluttering your home, things look cleaner, fresh and it also gives you an excuse to go and buy some new pieces. 😉

Keep the things which you actually use and move things into different rooms – change it up once in a while, what looked good in your living room might look even better in your hallway or guest room.

Home Decor: Trendy Pieces For Spring Decorating – Add Colour

I love the whole house being painted a lovely cream colour with co-ordinating fluffy/thick cream carpets – it might sound boring but there’s a reason as to why I like this!

Think about it, it’s a blank canvas meaning you can add (and change) accessories with every season!

Autumn – Brown, Cream and Grey

Winter – Purple, Berry & Red Tones

SpringPastel Green, Pink, Blue and Lilac

SummerWhite, Blue & Yellow

See – with each season you can completely change your colour schemes for your accessories like curtains, throws (You NEED this throw – gorgeous pastel tones), cushions and rugs (I love this rug from IKEA)… this means that you’re less likely to get bored with things and your home will always look ‘fresh’ and ‘new’ which is the main thing that you’re after.

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That’s why I like keeping walls and furniture a ‘plain’ colour as I can add accessories and change things as and when I feel like it. 🙂

Home Decor: Trendy Pieces For Spring Decorating – Art

I used to study art in school – and then I got kicked out of the class (the teacher didn’t like me) so since then I haven’t really been into artwork much but…… after looking at the picture above, that artwork (above the couch) might not have the ‘wow’ factor however the colours are just so dreamy!

You all know I love pastel colours so if you find a unique piece of artwork that you love – buy it and place it somewhere in your home where you AND your family / friends can admire it too….

Your home is a unique place to you – it’s where you should feel most comfortable and happy so you decorate it according to how you want it to look and feel.

NO blog or magazine can tell you what to do but it’s nice to share a few tips and tricks that hopefully some of you could take inspiration from 🙂


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