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Happy Birthday to a gorgeous little girl!!

Happy Birthday to a gorgeous little girl!!

My blogger family know I have 2 gorgeous little pets Cassie a Jack Russell and Thunder a Chihuahua!
Obviously dogs have birthdays too and my gorgeous little girl Cassie is celebrating her 15th Birthday today on Halloween (UK) !!
I can remember when we first got her and I woke up in the middle of the night to find a little box by my bed with a little black thing running around in it trying to jump onto my bed and my sister introduced me to a little girl named Cassie!
She was tiny…just bigger than a Tennis ball and completely black haired!
I loved her from that moment and what makes her even more special is that she was my first ever pet…..going back to sleep that night I was so excited that I finally had a little dog and her name was Cassie.
15 years later and lots of grey hairs, I still love her although she has changed and become a little old lady!!
Old lady or just ‘lady‘ she will always be my little baby girl with the sparkle in her eyes when I tell her it’s time to go ‘Walkies
Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!!
15 Years young 🙂 
Cassie – Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl!!
A couple of pictures of Cassie the sweetheart! 
I only have one of when she was younger which I’ll need to take a photo of and show you the difference….she’s a completely different dog!! 🙂
Layla xxx
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