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Green eyeliner…summer make-up trend!

Green eyeliner…summer make-up trend!

Hello Gorgeous people!
I hope you’re all well and having a good start to the weekend!
I’m sat here eating a warm waffles with ice cream on the side and a little bit of chocolate….this is my ‘healthy’ eating to get ready for my bikini body this summer hahaha!
I posted a picture on Facebook and I’m going to post it on here too because I’ve mentioned how much I LOVE green eyeliner.
It suits all skin tones and it’s sooooo easy to do. You can wear it for a pop of colour during the winter and during the summer it adds that flash of colour and looks beautiful teamed up with a tan.
Green eyeliner. 
Yes this photo has been edited to look ‘Perfect’ and the lashes are false but I still really love this look.
It’s gorgeous and simple yet it makes a statement.
To get this look in summer you really shouldn’t wear much foundation as you want to show of that beautiful tan as much as you can.
Below I’ll list the things I would be using but of course you can use your favourite products!

  • A little amount of foundation. (Revlon photo ready)
  • Eyebrow pencil (Marks & Spencer or MAC)
  • Green eye pencil (Marks & Spencer or BarryM)
  • Black Mascara (YSL Faux Cils Effet)
  • Bronzer (Laura Geller)
  • Nude lipstick (MAC)
  • Touch of lipgloss (Smashbox)

These are things that I would us….they may look like a lot but I wouldn’t cake my face in make-up as I love the natural look and during summer I don’t wear a lot I just like to define my eyes or lips and during the evening will add a touch of foundation!
Now all you need to do is prime your face…during the summer using moisturiser before make-up works fine because you don’t want to load your skin with rubbish lol.
Next apply a little touch of foundation (if you want) to give your skin a smooth appearance. 
A dot on the cheek, forehead and chin should do. 
Make sure you blend well.
Next line your eyes with your green eyeliner and flick it out at the edges, to do this just pull the pencil up which will make your eyes look bigger…don’t pull it in a straight line because it’ll make your eye look smaller and NEVER pull the pencil down because this makes eyes look droopy!! 
Not a good look!
Once you’re happy apply your bronzer. 
Start on your cheekbones and pull it to your hairline then to your forehead and back down to your cheekbone, then to your chin! 
Think of it as you’re drawing a 3…almost!
TIP: You can apply a highlighter to just above your cheekbone, arch of the eyebrow and cupid bow to give that glow and light to your face.
 I like Soap & Glory highlighter…it smells great!
Next apply your lipstick and then add a touch of lipgloss in the middle of your lower lip to get a plumper effect.
Pencil your eyebrows to get them nice and defined….don’t do it too much to make them look big and drawn on…you just want to define them.
Finish with 2-3 coats of mascara and you’re done!!
If you love this look then please let me know! I love hearing from you….if you do this with another colour…let me know!! 🙂
Lots of love and have a fun weekend!! 
Layla xxxx
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