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Fashion Post: Paul’s Boutique – Mila Handbag

Fashion Post: Paul’s Boutique – Mila Handbag


Paul's Boutique Mila Handbag Black & GreyPauls Boutique Mila Handbag Black GreyFashion Blogger - Pauls BoutiquePaul's Boutique Mila Handbag - Fashion bloggerPauls Boutique Mila Handbag - Black and GreyPaul's Boutique Mila HandbagPaul's Boutique Keychain / KeyringPaul's Boutique Fashion bloggersPaul's BoutiquePaul's Boutique Fashion Bloggers Paul's Boutique Pauls BoutiquePaul's Boutique Fashion Blogger - Mila Handbag Black and Grey

Fashion Post: Paul’s Boutique – Mila Handbag

This post has been slightly delayed by me – things have been so hectic that I’m just about keeping up with my schedule AND it’s nearly Christmas meaning things are 10x busier!

You all know that I was kindly invited to attend the Christmas Collection launch for wonderful Paul’s Boutique!

It’s a brand I grew up with and loved but for a few a while they took a little bit of time out and came back for the re-launch better than EVER!

Now Pauls Boutique is considered to be a classy, elegant brand that rivals high-end brands yet still retains the fun factor and doesn’t make your purse cry out load….

In the pictures above you see the “Mila Handbag” – does’t it look gorgeous?

I’ve teamed it up with an all black outfit but looks great for any occasion and can be dressed up or down making it wonderful for a day to night or office to drinks handbag 🙂

Pauls Boutique Mila Handbag

The Mila Handbag pictured above is a deep grey shade with a gorgeous snakeskin design/print which is most dominant on the front and back of the bag.

Inside you can see the handbag is lined with a cute polka dot print – perfect as it’s bright and cheerful! I didn’t expect this handbag to fit a lot in BUT you can see that there’s so much room!

I normally have my filofax diary, my purse, my iPhone 6 plus, my make-up bag and perfume (which I took out) with me but as you can see there’s more than enough room for those girls who like to take lots of things with them!

Pauls Boutique Handbag/Keychain

An added “extra” is the gorgeous keychain which has similar colouring to the handbag itself but see what simple line of colour can do? It just adds that fun factor to the handbag! 🙂

As you can probably tell by this post, I LOVE the Mila Handbag pictured above and it has now become my daily handbag, it’s a sturdy bag that holds it’s shape perfectly, the quality is incredible and I actually want to shout that I LOVE PAULS BOUTIQUE!!!!

You can purchase the Mila Handbag for just £75.00 from Paul’s Boutique and when you look at the quality of the handbag it’s actually a great price as it’ll still look new and lovely in 5 years time! 🙂

You all know that I love reading your comments so let me know what you think of this gorgeous handbag!! Do you love it as much as me??

UK beauty and fashion blogger

For my lovely Greek readers 🙂

Μια πολυ ομορφη τσαντα με την γνωστη ποιοτητα του Pauls Boutique κατι που μπορει να φορεθει ολη την ημερα καθε μερα.

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