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Fashion Accessories For 2018

Fashion Accessories For 2018


Fashion Accessories For 2018

Written By: The Sprinkles of Style Team

Location: London, United Kingdom

The Sprinkles of Style team is back with a new post and this time writing about the major fashion accessories for 2018 - taking you from Spring / Summer 2018 to Autumn / Winter 2018.

Fashion Accessories For 2018

Oversized Handbags

One thing that we know in fashion is that trends will always come and go.

The major comeback, especially for Autumn / Winter 2018, is large handbags - that's right, we're talking handbags that are almost the size of your overnight bag to be used as your daily go-to handbag.

Perfect if you're someone who carries a lot during the day as this way you'll be right on trend at all times.

In the image seen here on the right, you can see the colourful, slightly quirky handbag from Louis Vuitton which recently made it's debut on the runway for the brands Autumn / Winter 2018 collection.

Look out for bags like these which are colourful and bold - they look great with every outfit and check out bags with removable shoulder straps to change up the style every so often.


Fashion Accessories For 2018

Embellished / Glitter Shoes

Another key trend to look out for in 2018 (and 2019) is embellished / glitter shoes and heels.

Taking inspiration from last year which saw glitter pumps - things have now moved up a gear and we're seeing shoes like this (image on the left) which is being showcased everywhere - including the runway.

For example, Tom Ford sported this look with glitter and embellished heels however for many people, something like this will be too much for work-wear.

Think about buying a pair of shoes with embellished heels - this will catch the eye and make a statement however it won't be over-the-top.

Remember - fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself!

Fashion Accessories For 2018

Cross Body / Clutch Bag

For those of you who don't want an oversized handbag - make sure you check out cross-body bags and clutch bags which still must-haves for 2018 and likely 2019 too.

See Also

If you're a fashion-seeker like Layla - you'll love something like this (image on the right) from Tom Ford.

The design is bright, bold, colourful and overall - beautiful!

Make sure you look out for chain sparkle detailing too which will really set the whole look off.

If sparkle isn't your thing - check out cross-body bags and clutch bags which are matte, denim or have feather-dealing.

Check out the images below.


You all know that we love reading your comments so let us know what you think!

The Sprinkles of Style Team

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