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CYLO – The Prettiest Phone Accessories Around

CYLO – The Prettiest Phone Accessories Around

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CYLO - The Prettiest Phone Accessories Around

CYLO Says - "ENGINEERED PERFECTION - Each case is designed and built to fit your iPhone perfectly. Snug and lightweight making your iPhone comfortable to carry in your bag."


Hey everyone! It's Layla.

I'm back with another post and even though it hasn't got anything to do with beauty or my outfits - it has got something to do with fashion.

Over the past few years, we've seen our smartphones become something of an accessory and if you're someone who's super-fashion-savvy, then you'll be looking for the latest designs when it comes to your phone case.

This is where CYLO comes along - they're a brand that provide everything you need when it comes to your phone accessories. Ranging from headphones to charging hubs and of course - phone cases!

Bringing quality and fashion together - they're a brand that provide you with maximum protection for your phone whilst looking super-stylish at the same time.

Below, you can see all the details about the phone cases from CYLO.


My CYLO Story

If you know me, you'll know that I absolutely love my phone cases and when I go shopping, I somehow always end up in the phone case aisle - browsing through all the pretty designs.

Before my iPhone 7 Plus, I had an iPhone 6s and this is when I got my first CYLO phone case - it was a hard-shell unicorn phone case which clips onto the phone. (See it here)

I loved the quality of CYLO cases right from the start, they feel great, fit the phone perfectly and of course look lovely. The same phone case still looks brand new!

CYLO Phone Case

I change my phone case quite often however I still LOVE glitter cases and what I love about CYLO is the fact that they now offer two different options.

They have hard-shell glitter cases and also soft-shell glitter cases (seen on the right) which is a lot more convenient if you change cases every few days - especially if you're a clean-freak like me.

Both options look beautiful whilst protecting your phone and CYLO are a brand that provide high-quality cases at affordable prices.


CYLO Phone Cases - Packaging

As you'll be able to see in the images which are featured further below in this post and as mentioned above, CYLO is a brand which provides high-quality products all at affordable prices.

Every CYLO phone case comes packaged in a box-case - along with holographic card to really set off the tone and designs.

The way that CYLO present their products is really lovely as this will be a fabulous gift for someone too - I've seen other brands that simply send their cases in either bubble-wrap or a cardboard box which is OK but it's nice to see a brand really showing off their products in this way.

For this feature, I was provided with 3 lovely cases which I've listed (and linked) below.

From Left to Right

(This is from the POP line collection. Featuring a slim wrap-around design. Soft-Shell)

See Also

(This is a lovely slim case with flexible hard plastic for an extremely slim profile. Hard-Shell)

(This is from the Drop Shield Collection. Sturdy yet stylish this will protect your phone from drops and scratches)







If you follow me on Instagram - you will have seen a little video that I shared, showing off these 3 phone cases and also asking you to select which phone case to use for the day.

A lot of you replied and even though they were all really popular - the seashell phone case (hard-shell) seemed to be loved by most.

I used that on the day and am currently using the light pink confetti case (soft-shell) which feels wonderful as the case also provides an extra amount of grip which is great when you're always replying to emails and messages!

Make sure you follow CYLO on Instagram to keep up with their latest news and launches - you'll be seeing much more on here and on social media too! 🙂

Let me know which phone case you're loving and if you're going to shop anything from the brand! 🙂


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