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Clutch Bags

Clutch Bags

Clutch Bags


A lot of people tend to ask me why I like Clutch Bags so much and I always say the same thing, they give your ย look an elegant/classy feel ย which is why I tend to use them on an evening out somewhere nice.

If you’re like me and you notice things you’ll also spot ‘posh, rich’ women in movies holding one.

I was in Harrods a couple of weeks ago and spotted these two gorgeous Clutch Bags on a shelf and I really liked the contrast between the black clutch and the glitter clutch but what I also really like was the scarf in between the two and that gave me an idea.

To bring a Clutch Bag up to date you can easily add a small scarf to it and give it a twist, if you have a little hoop to attach a chain just wrap a scarf around it several time leaving only a small strand of material falling…this will update your clutch and give it that unique edge!

I always find myself looking at different Clutch Bags in store, there’s nothing specific about what I look for, I love my bright colours, glitter (anything sparkly really) and simple ones too.

The two pictured above are simple yet elegant and I think that’s what made me notice them!

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Do you also love Clutch Bags like me or are you not as fussed?

Let me know!!

Layla xx

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