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Chrysalis Guardian Amethyst Charm Bangle

Chrysalis Guardian Amethyst Charm Bangle

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Chrysalis Guardian Amethyst Charm Bangle

Chrysalis is a company I’veย featured on here before and it’s a brand I’m starting to really admire as my collection grows.

I love bangles and I love charms so to put them together makes sense, add a little bit of Amethyst and I’m sold! My birthstone + Jewellery = Happy Layla!

Chrysalis Guardian Amethyst Charm Bangle: Packaging

This comes in a lovely Chrysalis pouch as you can see in the pictures above – it’s actually really cute and quite refreshing compared to the standard box packaging!

The pouch is quite soft to touch and inside it’s lined making it perfect to keep the bangles in there after wearing them to make sure they always look great or to keep your favourite rings in.

Chrysalis Guardian Amethyst Charm Bangle: Charms

I love charms and when I see little horseshoes, clovers, flowers, angels or anything referring to guardian and luck – again I’m sold, it’s something that I like to wear as it makes me feel better.

If you have charms of your own that can ben removed from another bracelet you could also add them onto these bangles for a statement look too – I might do this and show you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Chrysalis Guardian Amethyst Charm Bangle: Amethyst

As seen in the pictures above, one charm is actually covered in Amethyst stones which is really lovely and makes this a great gift for someones birthday and even Valentines Day as a unique/more personal gift!

If you’re a person who loves collecting and wearing different crystals you could also choose from the other options!

Chrysalis Guardian Amethyst Charm Bangle: Bangle Material

Not something that I normally cover but I have the information for it!

These bangles are rhodium plated, brassย bracelets and come from the Chrysalis Guardian Collection.

Chrysalis Guardian Amethyst Charm Bangle: Purchase

This beautiful bangle set can be purchased for just ยฃ35 and considering how many bangles you get, the beautiful Amethyst stones and all the lovely charms – it’s really worth it as it’ll last you an incredibly long time.

SO many people will be complimenting you on this!

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I’ll be featuring this again in an outfit post so you can see just how beautiful these bracelets are worn stacked or alone!

Let me know what you all think!

Love this bangle set?

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