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Cadenzza Jewellery Press Event

Cadenzza Jewellery Press Event

Cadenzza Jewellery Press Launch

Cadenzza Jewellery Press Event

Cadenzza Jewellery Oscar De La Renta

Cadenzza Jewellery Press Event

Cadenzza Jewellery Press Event

Cadenzza Jewellery Press Event

Cadenzza Jewellery Press Event

Cadenzza Jewellery Press Event


Cadenzza Jewellery Press Event 

I was recently invited to a wonderful press event by Cadenzza, for those of you who may not know Cadenzza is a fashion jewellery store/website that works with a variety of brands like Swarovski, MAWI, Bibi Bijoux, Roberto Cavalli and Oscar De La Renta to name a few…there’s around 60 designers in total that Cadenzza work with.

Now a lot of you may have seen the ‘big’ brand names but there’s no need to worry, you can buy some absolutely GORGEOUS pieces for under £50 and the best thing is that everything is quite unique and not something which will be seen/worn by everyone.

The Cadenzza Press Event

I was greeted by the wonderful ladies at the press event, offered a drink and was then taken through to view the collections. At the beginning there was a lovely area which had been separated in a photoshoot style theme, there was a rainforest collection, a balloon section with jewellery dangling from the balloons, a fruity pineapple section (pictured) with the most gorgeous statement necklaces and another section with a big horse and lots of necklaces layered.

Walking through to the main area I was greeted by designers and tables filled with exquisite jewellery, everything was laid out beautifully and I didn’t really want to touch anything and spoil it!

We started off at the budget side, think of Topshop jewellery prices however the quality and styling cannot even compare to Topshop, the quality is absolutely fantastic!

The Jewellery

Everything was absolutely beautiful, ranging from statement pieces to more delicate pieces there is something for everyone in store and online.

The trends which we seem to be seeing is continuing from previous years, stacked jewellery, statement necklaces and big cocktail rings, they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!!

Cadenzza stores

You know when you walk past a store and don’t pay too much attention? Well I did that with Cadenzza, I have been to Westfields SO many times and I’m positive that I’ve walked by Cadenzza each time.

They have stores all around the world starting in Westfields, Bluewater, Innsbruck, Vienna, Beijing, Frankfurt and Shanghai.

Stores are coming soon to Abu Dhabi and Dubai too…

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What are my thoughts on Cadenzza Jewellery?

I absolutely LOVE it, it’s so beautiful and everything is top-quality.

I also love how they have such a variety on styles and designers so there is something for everyone and if you’re looking for something unique this is the way to go.

With Cadenzza every piece is special and it’s not something which is available everywhere so the pieces are more or less unique!

Can I shop online?


Click HERE to go to the Cadenzza website, they are always adding new items so it’s definitely worth a look!

Let me know what you think!

Have you shopped from Cadenzza before??

What do you think of the pieces featured above?

Layla xx


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