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Boticca Sui Midi Bag

Boticca Sui Midi Bag

Boticca Sui Midi Bag


I love my handbags and I love cross-body bags which give enough room to take all necessities but look stylish and chic too!

Why do I like the Boticca Sui Midi Bag?

The Boticca Sui Midi Bag looks super-stylish, is a beautiful colour which goes with everything and it’s a cross-body bag allowing you to have both hands free for shopping….clever thinking haha! 🙂

Where can I purchase the Boticca Sui Midi Bag?

It’s actually on a private section of the Boticca website which I’ve been invited too and the wonderful thing about it is that there’s a limited number of pieces, so if you like it you have to be quick!

Who’s the designer of the Boticca Sui Midi Bag?

The designer of the Bottica Sui Midi Bag is a Greek designer and on the Boticca website is named as Ippolito!

How much is the Bottica Sui Midi Bag?

Considering you’re getting a one-of-a-kind piece it’s only £207.50 I know…numbers like this are annoying but I do think it’s good pricing knowing it’s a unique piece!

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Can I purchase the Bottica Sui Midi Bag online?

Yes, I hope you can, I’ve attached the link for you so you can click HERE (opens in new window)

So, let me know what you think of this gorgeous name, gorgeous colour bag! 🙂

Layla xxx

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