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Boohoo Pink Clutch Bag

Boohoo Pink Clutch Bag

Boohoo Pink Clutch Bag


I LOVE seeing items from a variety of stores online and on the high street and after browsing online I fell in love with this gorgeous Boohoo Pink Clutch Bag!

I normally never pick items which are this baby pink colour however I would definitely buy it as it can be worn with so many things, so many dresses and definitely works all year round!

Why do I like this Boohoo Pink Clutch Bag?

As mentioned above I love this delicate pink on this clutch bag, I normally hate this colour as I prefer my neons and pastels but there’s something about pastel pink which I don’t like too much.

On this Clutch Bag though I love the contrast of the baby pink with the gold and can imagine myself wearing this with a white lace dress, jeans, leggings and in the winter when I don’t want to carry a bag….there are just so many ways to wear this!

What would I wear with this Boohoo Pink Clutch Bag?

I think this would look lovely for a casual day with denim jeans and ballet pumps, if shoes are in the same colour as your bag then you’re halfway there with your outfit, add a grey oversized jumper and it’ll look gorgeous!

I would also team this up with them cute white/cream lace dresses…I’ve been trying to find the perfect one but haven’t come across it yet!

I also think this would look lovely with a deep grey/black trench coat, trousers and boots and carrying this as your ‘pop‘ of colour…it’s a delicate shade so it won’t stand out it’ll compliment the rest of your outfit!

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How much is this Boohoo Pink Clutch Bag?

It’s priced at just £10 and thinking how many times you’ll wear it and with how many things this will look gorgeous with I think it’s a bargain!!!

Where can I purchase this Boohoo Pink Clutch Bag?

You can purchase it by clicking HERE and it’ll take you directly to the product page…your welcome 🙂

As always I’ll be here waiting to read your wonderful comments…either way let me know what you think! 🙂

Layla xx

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