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Blueberry Burst Bikini

Blueberry Burst Bikini



Blueberry Burst Bikini By Triangl – Yaaaay! Today I have a very summery post for you all – I’ve actually been meaning to post this online for a few weeks now but sadly didn’t get round to doing it as quick as I had planned….

As a lot of you know and will have seen in my Instagram pictures (sneak preview) – Triangl have been really, really kind to me sending me this gorgeous Blueberry burst Bikini!

For me, summer is all about having fun, enjoying yourself and of course getting the chance to wear much more colour and this bikini is the perfect option for doing so!

Blueberry Burst Bikini – Review

This is the nicest Triangl bikini that I own, I have another one which you can see in this post here but with these glorious colours, zip detail on the front of top and the way it just fits makes it a firm favourite out of the two!

For me, Triangl is a brand that provides incredible quality  – sometimes I do feel like there’s more hype surrounding different brands but that’s really not the case with Triangl!

There’s a reason everyone loves these colourful bikinis and not only for their styles but that the quality of them is perhaps one of the best out there!

You really don’t have to worry about the colours fading over time or the material becoming ‘tired’ looking – after so many wears on holiday I’m happy to say that it looks brand new!

As you can tell, I could go on and on about how great Triangl is as a brand but I won’t bore you however if you are looking for a new bikini then  pleaaaaaase visit their website as there’s something for everyone!

For now though, enjoy these photos of me taking photos (hahaha) – how gorgeous is the sea…….
blueberry-burst-bikini tbikini1 tbikini2blueberry-burst-triangl-blogger

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Blueberry Burst Bikini – Triangl

You all know that I love reading your comments so let me know what you think about this beautiful bikini – do you own anything from Triangl?

Let me know! 🙂


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