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Balmain: Resort 2020 Collection

Balmain: Resort 2020 Collection


Olivier Rousteing is one of the most well-respected designers of our time. He’s a designer which will actually listen to customers and create a collection which appeals to everyone – no matter your taste, style range or age. This is all reflected in the Balmain Resort 2020 Collection.

One thing to look at is the tailoring – always a key point with Balmain and the Balmain Resort 2020 Collection is no exception. Along with the tailoring, you’ll also see beautiful embroidery, fringe detailing and bold colours.

When you come across a collection like this, which suits everyone, the best part is that you can pick out some key pieces to compliment your wardrobe and then style things in different ways.


Speaking to Vogue, Olivier Rousteing said: “I’ve always had a very inclusive idea of what fashion means. Men are daring more. With #MeToo, women are now really confident but men are also showing even more pride in their own femininity and aspiration without fear of being judged about their sexuality.”

“Before, men were reluctant to listen to their feminine side. Now, to feel strong, you listen to your feminine side. Embroidery is no longer reserved for women – men can be glam.”

“After 10 years of streetwear, I think people are now recognising the chic of tailoring – for me, it’s all about the tailoring.”

“That goes for womenswear too – I spend a lot of time listening to our customers. When you listen to how they live, you realise that they need things to wear to yoga class, as well as pieces for work or going out.”


Take a look at some of the photos from the collection in the slideshow gallery below.

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I always love reading your comments so let me know if you have a favourite designer or brand that you always check out!

I’d also love to see what you think of the Balmain Resort 2020 Collection – have any of the pieces stood out to you?

Layla x

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