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Andrew Barton Full On Volume Haircare Review – I think you’re all going to love this post!

It’s not often that I feature hair care products on here but there’s been SO much demand with emails from you lovely readers that I think this post fits in quite well! 🙂

Andrew Barton is one of the UK’s most-known hairdressers having worked on tv shows, with celebrities and his work also gracing front covers and editorials of magazines. He’s also the creative director of Urban Retreats – the salon in Harrods so you know you’re guaranteed quality with his products!

The Andrew Barton Full On Volume Haircare range is the latest to the growing number of collections and I feel very lucky to have been sent these to feature and review on the blog, so with that let’s see how I got on! 🙂

Andrew Barton Full On Volume Haircare Review – Packaging

How cute is the colour!? It’s the main thing that catches your eye with these products and I love the bold, crisp, white writing contrasting against the black logo and applicators.

I do have one small complaint though, I think that shampoo and conditioner should come in pump-applicator bottles, it just makes things so much easier when you’re using them in shower!

Other than that, very cute! 🙂

Andrew Barton Full On Volume Haircare Review – Scent

Oh my – this smells so refreshing!!

It’s like a blend of citrus fruits with a hint of sweet blossom – it’s so lovely and really is perfect for those early morning showers to uplift and revitalise but also for evening showers to refresh and relax after long days!

Best of both worlds really! 🙂

Andrew Barton Full On Volume Haircare Review – Shampoo

The shampoo is really lovely, it’s a lightweight formula that helps to boost and hydrate your hair helping it to retain it’s shape and create more bounce / volume which is what we all want!

As with all shampoo’s this is a pearly white colour which looks lovely and lathers up to create plenty of bubbles (who doesn’t love bubbles) and after rinsing your hair feels hydrated and squeaky clean.

NoteI always shampoo my hair twice, sometimes 3 times depending on my mood!

Andrew Barton Full On Volume Haircare Review – Conditioner

If there’s one thing that I don’t like when it comes to haircare products, it’s conditioners that weigh your hair down and I’m very happy to say that this doesn’t disappoint! Yay! 🙂

It’s a lightweight conditioner that hydrates, softens and infuses your hair with key ingredients like moroccan argan oil and pro-vitamin B5!

My hair is getting longer now so after shampooing my hair I’ll apply a decent amount onto the ends and mid-length of my hair. Focus more on the ends as this is where dryness and split-ends start!

After rinsing you’ll notice that your hair feels super-soft, smooth and definitely swishy!

Andrew Barton Full On Volume Haircare Review – Texture Spray

Forget salt-spray, this texture spray is going to take all of the focus of this post!

Andrew Barton has really created a wonderful product that definitely adds more than a little bit of ‘oomph‘ to your hair and what’s better – it works on both wet and dry hair! 🙂

After showering, if I want to leave my hair in it’s natural wildly wavy state, then I’ll just spritz it onto the mid-length to the ends of my hair and scrunch it. I’ll either let it air-dry or diffuse it with a blow dryer for more curl.

If I want to just add more texture to my hair then I’ll let it air-dry and using my curling tongs will add a few on the top layers just for extra definition, once done I’ll then spritz the spray into my hands and scrunch it into my hair. This kinda acts like a hairspray but it allows your hair to remain ‘swishy’ and smells amazing too! 🙂

See Also

In the photo above and the ones you’ll see below I used the shampoo, conditioner AND texture spray – it works better when you use all the range as the products compliment and work together for best results.

Andrew Barton Full On Volume Haircare Review – Overall

I am SO impressed with this range and I didn’t think that I would like the products as much as I do!

They’re so uplifting and just smell beautiful – which lasts all day might I add and the main thing is that the products deliver results!

If you suffer with dry, flat hair then give this range a go – you’ll love how your hair feels, behaves and smells!

Andrew Barton Full On Volume Haircare Review – Website

OK, so Andrew Barton and his team have been working on a brand new website which is launching tomorrow (Friday) and you’ve all been invited to go and sign up! 🙂

You’ll be able to see plenty of tips and tricks for haircare, find out about NEW product launches and the best part – OFFERS to use on products! 🙂

 Please sign up by clicking Andrew Barton Website 🙂

andrew-barton-volume-haircare andrew-baton-hair-products andrew-barton-hair-products

You all know that I love reading your comments and do reply to all of them so please let me know what you think of the range and products!!


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