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5 Little Additions To Your Home That Can Make A Big Difference

5 Little Additions To Your Home That Can Make A Big Difference

5 Little Additions To Your Home That Can Make A Big Difference

If you don't have a big budget to spend on your home, don't worry - the Sprinkles of Style team is here to help.


The Sprinkles of Style team is back - yes, that's 2 posts in one day for you!

In our last post, we were all about luxury and in this post, we're showing you how to improve your home when on a budget.

When the pennies are really being stretched, home improvements tend to be put on hold - the seasons pass and the decor in your home can start to look a little bit tired however - there's plenty of little things which you can do to make a big difference in the appearance of your home.

Below, we're sharing the 5 best ways to improve your home - without spending a huge amount and all in time for Christmas.

The Doors

Interior doors take up a fair space on the wall of each room - we see them everyday as we pass through but did you know that you can change the doors in your home without much of a headache?

If your doors are looking a little bit tired or weathered then make sure you pop down to your local DIY store.

 Have a little browse around and you can find different styles of interior doors - all to suit your home and style.

If you're looking to get creative - think about changing the colour scheme too which could be interesting and add a unique touch to your home.

The Radiators

Like doors, these functional items take up a lot of your wall space but you don't have to leave them there to look boring.

There are so many different styles of radiators out there and there's plenty to choose from - opt for classic, chic or contemporary.

Radiators shouldn't only be used to warm up your home - they're used in different ways but with ever-changing styles, we're now seeing more towel radiators which can be seen at websites like -

Instead of choosing white for your radiator - why not choose a mirrored finish or a square look for a modern style? 

The Rugs

If you don’t have any rugs in your room, then you’re missing an opportunity to make a big change with very little effort.

Rugs do two things for any space - they add texture and they add colour.

Both of these are important details when it comes to interior design as you'll be able to see on the link - for more.

Of course, there are plenty of other benefits too! Your rug will keep the floor warm for a lovely cosy space.


The Feature Wall

The concept of a feature wall has been around for years - going out of fashion at one point but then making a huge comeback.

You don’t have to stick with the most common ways of creating a focus wall and instead of throwing bold colour paint or wild patterned wallpaper on it, think about a series of canvas wall art, mirrors, shelves or material to create structure and attract attention to the wall. 

Don’t be afraid to hang fabrics instead of paintings or using wallpaper - you could even consider putting up some lights to create a backlit wall.

See Also

Room Dividers

Room dividers are so handy - especially if there's siblings which are sharing a room.

They're convenient when it comes to separating spaces and like features walls, they went out of fashion however are now making a huge comeback - especially for decorative purposes alone.

There's so many different designs and styles on the market nowadays and even though they won't cut out the noise - they look great and can really add a unique vibe to your home and living space.

If you're a creative person - think about painting wooden dividers or adding your own unique touch to the item.

If you're not a hands-on creative type then opt for decorative pieces and vases which look equally beautiful. 

Practical and attractive!


Are you making any improvements to your home? If so - let us know in the comments below! 🙂

Sprinkles of Style Team


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