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3 Summer Vacation Essentials

3 Summer Vacation Essentials


3 Summer Vacation Essentials 

Summer vacation is undoubtedly the most popular season for people to vacation.

Perhaps it has something to do with kids being out of school for the summertime, but even when you ‘escape‘ from childhood and no longer have summers off – you still try to make time during the season to take a trip somewhere!

Some people save up all year long to take a week-long retreat to a beach of their choosing, whereas others like to take little weekend trips sporadically.

No matter what your vacation style is, you probably share the same stress – wondering what to pack!

Some of the practicalities like toiletries, trusty sandals, and favourite shorts are covered, but there are many other items to choose from when packing.

You’ll likely be snapping away, taking photos while on holiday and you’ll probably want a great supply of adorable outfits, even though you have limited space!

That’s where this post comes in today – below are some of the must-have summer trends you need to pack if you want endless double-taps on your vacation pictures.

Trendy Sunnies

One of the easiest ways to look on-trend without having to spend lots of money on a brand new wardrobe is by updating your look – simply by switching up your sunglasses!  Trends are always changing, so it’s up to you whether you want to splurge on a designer pair or saving the pennines for timeless and affordable items.

For your summer vacation shades check out this roundup which will hopefully give you some inspiration and dhow you that bold is best for this season – seriously.

Dramatic frames and mirrored lenses are your go-to this summer!

Little White Dress

Ah, no summer is completely without a must-have little white dress.

When packing – this should always be something you take away with you! Super versatile and will provide you with plenty of options on holiday – keep things casual and breezy for the beach or dress t up for a night out with the right accessories.

Check out this page for a variety of LWD’s (Little White Dresses) to take away on your holiday!

See Also

A Fun Topper

How about a fun vibe for your vacation? It’s a trend which isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – fanatic headwear can make you feel (and look) like a celebrity!

Whether you’re a panama hat girl or you’re more bohemian with a patterned scarf – you’ll definitely love  this list of accessories if you need some hair styling ideas.

So, even though you might think that your vacation wardrobe is simple – take advantage of accessories!

Take a few key pieces away on your holiday and add the accessories to your outfits – it’ll make the world of different and when you pack some solid, timeless and all-time classic staples – how can you lose?

This Is A Guest PostWritten and overlooked by Layla from Sprinkles of Style and Andi Jennings who is a freelance writer with an insatiable thirst for exploring new lands and meeting new people. When Andi isn’t flitting off to a new town – she’s probably relaxing in a park and reading – a horror novel!


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