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Things To Know About Nose Surgery (Surgical and Non-Surgical)

Things To Know About Nose Surgery (Surgical and Non-Surgical)


Things To Know About Nose Surgery (Surgical and Non-Surgical)

This is a Collaborative Post

Here at Sprinkles of Style, none of us have had any form of surgery however, it's a big thing at the moment.

We're no experts on the matter however this is a collaborative post which has been written by specialists so you may find some of the information useful if you're planning surgery at some stage.

Things To Know About Nose Surgery (Surgical and Non Surgical)

The cookie cutter nose job, this used to be an expression of disdain and unimaginative rhinoplasty and when the wedding of Princess Kate and Prince William came, suddenly everyone wanted surgeons to create a nose similar to Kate Middleton's.

This is where natural appearing rhinoplasty comes in the play and becomes a work of art as everything should be tailored to suit you, your face and your style. You can gain inspiration from others but not a complete copy.

If a surgeon has completed the work properly, surgery shouldn't be something which is noticed - especially when it comes to the nose. The explanation for this is because your eyes naturally process the eyes and mouth - the nose is missed entirely.

This is why an excellent surgeon is needed if you do plan to go ahead with surgery - they will not only listen to the wishes of patients but they will also take into consideration the desires and looks to ensure that things will look correct and be the best for each face.

You should also take note that there are surgeons out there who specialise in one kind of nose fits all idea. They are consistent with the style and this is something other surgeons can spot a mile away - this normally tends to be a lack of creative imagination so it's always work checking out surgeons.

Protecting Yourself From Cookie-Cutter Plastic Surgeons

The good news is that there are some means of safeguarding yourself from any type of cookie-cutting rhinoplasty.

You need to do your research and visit the surgeons, looking through pre and post surgery pictures, asking them questions and making sure your questions are all answered.

Every face is different therefore every face needs to appear natural when completed.

Another way that Surgeons can help you along the process is by offering you a computer modelled version of yourself (3D) showing you the planned results and normally this also shows as you a before and after.

Nowadays, the technology is ground-breaking so surgeons should have the very best equipment to show you as much detail as possible prior to treatment.

Following this, a surgeon will then put put their head together with a compute programming artist to create a mock up, sometimes there could be two different styles to show you how things will look.

With any good rhinoplasty surgeon, the final product (once healed and fully recovered) appears to be even better than the model version.

Today, it's a necessity that you insist on getting a computer image done before moving forward with surgery - it's something which should be offered to patients.

Take a look at these celebrities!


Ethnic Rhinoplasty 

People all come in different shapes, ties and colours - as do noses.

Some ethnic groups posses particular characteristics of their nose which is much more unique to their ethnicity so it's essential that the correct surgeon can help you get desired results.

The idea behind ethnic rhinoplasty is to concentrate on reconstructing or correcting the nose, bettering it's appearance to match particular backgrounds for an overall natural look which will suit the patient in question.

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 Revision Rhinoplasty To Correct 

Sometimes, there are people who are unhappy with the final result of cosmetic nose surgery and if your surgeon did in fact give you the "cookie cutter" nose job - you can usually get another chance at altering and improving the appearance.

This is done with revision rhinoplasty and more often than not - it's more painful than the original surgery and comes with unforeseen complications and should only be done as a last resort.

Permanent Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

This is what's peaking in surgery at the moment, it's non-surgical rhinoplasty which is a procedure relying on injecting fillers rather than going through a surgical procedure.

Non-Surgical rhinoplasty is something which is utilised in order to alter the existing nose of a patient without having to go through the painful and long recovery surgery.

This is something which can be built to your desired look over time and tweaks here and there can be added to improve the nose appearance whether it's changing the tip of the nose angle, filling in any depressions or smoothing out a bump on your nose.

This non-surgical form of rhinoplasty comes with less complications, it's not as painful, it's faster with healing time and not as expensive as when going through with surgery.

Another advantage of this form of  surgery is that you avoid shifting and settling of the nose tissue as the nose can (and does) change with time.

Dr. Daniel G. Becker is the Founder and Medical Director of the Becker Rhinoplasty Center and an expert in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty procedures. His vast knowledge and success comes years of experience. To find out more about Dr. Becker, visit his website at

As mentioned above, this is a collaborative post for Sprinkles of Style.

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