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Your Home Interior Design Should Reflect You

Your Home Interior Design Should Reflect You


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Your Home Interior Design Should Reflect You

Written By: The Sprinkles of Style Team

 Nobody should look at the interior design of their household and let out a sigh of disappointment. The aesthetic of your home is everything - it affects the way you feel. A home is your place of comfort and joy and most importantly, your home's interior decor (and design) should reflect you - it should feel like your personal haven and a place to escape from the world after a long day.  

In this feature, the Sprinkles of Style team is sharing advice and tips on how to transform your home interior's design to make the most of the space and also make sure it reflects you in the best way possible. 

It's Time To Extend Your Home

This is a great place to start if you want to spruce up your home’s interior decor.

Spaciousness is a key part when it comes to feeling welcome in your own home - it allows you to move freely throughout your space, you can organise items in a better way and in turn - this declutters your mind.

 Start by getting rid of all your unwanted belongings or items that you no longer use and you'll see the benefits - you'll feel much better about your home design.

If you have the budget for it and you're lacking in space - you can still go much further than this and extend your humble abode. It could be something like converting the garage or basement for example or you could even create a brand new space in the form of a conservatory.

This will give you so much space and re-energise the feeling of your home which will give you, your family and friends a new place to relax in too. 

Additionally, by adding a brand new room to your home - it's an opportunity to create a personalised space for you and your family. If it's a room to spend quality time in - you can turn the new space into a games room, adding your music, games and fun painting to the room.

If you want to create a new space to relax in but don't have the space - one of the best options is a conservatory as it brings in so much light and will revitalise the way you feel.

Consider Amber Home Improvements to help you install a bespoke home conservatory which will transform and expand the entire space and generally give your home a new lease of life - letting you feel motivated, happy and overall - comfortable. 


Stop Following Trends

Trends can sometimes ruin interior design so you need to take all trends with a pinch of salt and transform it to suit you and your style.

If you want your house to look good in the long-term then you need to start thinking beyond what looks cool today and to make your interior space somewhere which is unique to you. Take inspiration from the trends you see but don't copy them.

 The best way to do this is to go down the route of timeless interior design  and yes, vintage aesthetic pieces are the best when it comes to adding some character to your home.

A classy chandelier or a lovely fireplace could serve as a powerful focal point in your living room.

The important thing is simply that your interior design reflects you.

 If you want to create some of your own artwork to hang on the walls then do so. If you want to buy some more dog ornaments because you love dogs then do so. That’s how you make your house feel like home. That’s how you ensure your home’s interior never goes “out of fashion”.

Lighting Is Important

As we've said in previous posts, lighting is one the most important parts when it comes to creating a vibrant, relaxing atmosphere in your home and if there's a lack of light it changes the entire way you feel in your home.

If you want to create a bright, light space - use neutral colours in each room teamed with lighting which will have a big impact in the way the room feels.

For example, lovely cream walls teamed up with corner lighting and warm white lighting will create a relaxing - almost romantic atmosphere in your home.

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(Warm white lighting is the best option as it adds a lovely cosy feeling to your home)

Darker colours teamed with the correct lighting can also look beautiful. Think about a dark feature wall to add a unique touch to your home.

In the kitchen, again a light colour normally works best - you can accessorise with different tiles and splash backs too. 

To create the feeling of a larger space - place mirrors around the room. Opposite windows reflect the light around the room, giving the appearance of a larger space.

You can also place mirrors behind table lighting which again - reflects the light around the room in the evening making your home feel relaxed and lovely.

There we have some tips and advice on how to transform your home and making sure that your interior design reflects you in the best way possible.

You know that at Sprinkles of Style HQ - we love hearing from you so let us know what you think in the comments below and if you have any tips, feel free to share! 🙂

The Sprinkles of Style Team

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