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Urban Decay Beauty Balm Review

Urban Decay Beauty Balm Review



Urban Decay Beauty Balm Review (Naked Skin) – Ah, today I have another beauty product review for you all and it’s something that I’m really excited to be featuring on here!

As you all know, I’m a fan or Urban Decay and even though I don’t feature them as often as I should I’ve been using their products for many years – right back to working as a makeup artist on set!

So let’s see how the Urban Decay Beauty Balm did in this review!?

Urban Decay Beauty Balm Review – Packaging

As you can see it’s sleek, crisp and rather pretty – I love this gold colour, it’s almost like a rose-gold shade and looks beautiful!

Inside, the actual bottle is the same colour but it’s got a contrasting silver cap with Urban Decay engraved into it – a cute touch!

Urban Decay Beauty Balm Review – Application

As you can see, this beauty balm comes in a tube meaning it’s easy to use and of course – hygienic!

All you need to do is dot some of the product onto your flat-top foundation brush and blend into skin or apply into the palm of your hands and press onto skin.

You can apply like a moisturiser but I prefer using a flat-top foundation brush as I feel that it blends into my skin for a much nicer look! 🙂

Urban Decay Beauty Balm Review – Texture

This looks like a tinted moisturiser but it’s got the consistency of a thicker foundation however when it’s applied to your skin it feels like a lightweight moisturiser that sinks into skin in minutes!

It’s rather unique but lovely at the same time! 🙂

Urban Decay Beauty Balm Review – Coverage

If you’re looking for a product to cover blemishes and acne-scars then this isn’t something for you however if you’re looking for something that’ll provide a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturiser and gives your skin a lovely glow – this is for you!

It applies onto your skin and leaves you with a lovely glow – it’s not at all drying and it definitely looks really natural!

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Urban Decay Beauty Balm Review – Purchase

This can be purchased from Urban Decay for £23.50 – it’s pricier but you can definitely tell the difference when you feel the quality!

Urban Decay Beauty Balm

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I’d love to know what you all think – have you tried this from Urban Decay or anything else from the Naked Range?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂


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