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Too Faced Bulletproof Eyeliner Review

Too Faced Bulletproof Eyeliner Review


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Too Faced is a brand that I’ve never featured on here before so I’m very excited to be writing up this post!

Eyeliner is something that a lot of people love and use everyday – I’m a fan of eye makeup in general and as many of you know, tend to create smokey eyes and use eyeliner on a daily basis so it’s always fun when something like this lands in front of me! 🙂

Too Faced Bulletproof Eyeliner Purple Rain Review – Packaging 

As you can see this comes in a little box – it’s cute, compact and the colour of the packaging is the same colour as the eyeliner, a fun touch! 🙂

On the sides there’s different information showing you how to use the pencil to either ‘line it‘ ‘blend it‘ or ‘smoke it‘ and as seen in the pictures you can also see the exclusive blending ball and built-in sharpener – another bonus!

Too Faced Bulletproof Eyeliner Purple Rain Review – Colour

In this post I’m writing about the colour “Purple Rain” which is a deep, rich purple that has a subtle shimmer making every eye colour pop!

Purple is something that people tend to run away from BUT this purple is a crisp purple, it doesn’t have a red undertone so you don’t need to worry about looking like you’ve been involved in a fight!

Too Faced Bulletproof Eyeliner Purple Rain Review – How To Use?

Eyeliner is actually one of the most versatile products – you can create so many gorgeous looks by just using that one item and as stated on the side of the packaging, you can use it to line and define your eyes, blend it for a subtle everyday look of smoke it for a lovely evening look!

So it’s not just an eyeliner as it also doubles up as an eyeshadow too!

Too Faced Bulletproof Eyeliner Purple Rain Review – Texture

This eyeliner has such a lovely texture, it doesn’t drag along the eye – in fact it’s got a creamy feel to it so it just glides beautifully! 🙂

Too Faced isn’t the most available brand for us in the UK but you can purchase the bulletproof eyeliner from places like Sephora and Too Faced Cosmetics themselves!

Here’s something for my lovely Greek readers too!! 🙂

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Ειναι η πρωτη φορα που χρησιμοποιω την μαρκα Too Faced και μπορω να πω οτι ειμαι ενθουσιαζμενη.

Ειναι ενα μαλακο μολυβι απλωνεται ευκολα και κραταει ολη μερα. Το χρωμα ειναι βαθυ μωβ παρα πολυ γλυκο με λιγο στρας και παει με ολα τα χρωματα ματιων.

Ορισμενα μωβ κανουν τα ματια να φαινονται σαν χτυπημενα αλλα αυτο οχι.

Στην Ελλαδα μπορειτε να το αγορασετε απο τα καταστηματα Sephora αξιζει να το δοκιμασετε.

φιλακια xx

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