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Tigi Headshot Shampoo Review

Tigi Headshot Shampoo Review


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Tigi Headshot Shampoo Review *

I was kindly sent some haircare products to review from Tigi and over the past few weeks have been testing them out and the first product I’m going to be writing about is the Tigi Headshot Shampoo!

So, lets get going! 🙂

Tigi Headshot Shampoo Review – Packaging

You all know I love writing about the packaging of a product and this is no exception!

The packaging of the Tigi Headshot Shampoo is really, really nice! I like how it stands out completely against my other haircare products – many of them are brightly coloured but this dark black bottle with the metallic purple really does give it an edge which I quite like.

It’s not at all over the top, more on the simple side but that’s what I like.

I did have a little bit of difficulty reading the directions as the letters are quite small and listed in so many languages!

I know I’m a geek reading the directions….but I do like it 🙂

Tigi Headshot Shampoo Review – Applicator

There’s a reason I’m talking writing about how you get to the product…normally with shampoos and conditioners they’re in a pump bottle or squeezy bottle (yes I make words up) however this shampoo is in a normal bottle with a screw lid…kinda like a pepsi bottle!

I know brands like to do something different and for shampoo it’s fine however I had major issues with the conditioner which I’ll talk about in my separate conditioner review! 🙂

Tigi Headshot Shampoo Review – Texture

Now we get to the good points – hooray!

The texture of this isn’t like a normal shampoo…sometimes I find other shampoos to be quite watery however this has quite a creamy feel to it which is nice considering it’s to rejuvenate and condition hair.

You really don’t need a lot of product as a little gives you a lot of lather – and bubbles!

My hair has suddenly grown and is now nearly at my waist and all I need to use is about a £2 coin size and it’s fine for my hair.

Tigi Headshot Shampoo Review – Smell

Oh! This is my favourite part as this product smells incredible!

It smells like a butter mint sweet hahahaha! If you love the smell of Aussie products then you’ll love this….if you prefer fresh, fruity smells then you won’t like this.

Tigi Headshot Shampoo Review – After Washing

After washing my hair it did feel a lot softer and nourished however I want to point out that I also used the conditioner (review coming soon) and generally conditioned does soften my hair.

Now for the fact that it states that it contains ingredients which ‘penetrate the hair fibre‘ and ‘targets hair in need of repair‘ I’m not too sure that it does.

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My hair does feel softer (after using conditioner) but it feels the same when I use my other haircare products so 2 weeks into using this I haven’t seen a huge difference but will continue to try them out as it may just take longer!

I do love the smell of this though! 🙂

Tigi Headshot Shampoo Review – Thoughts

I’m just going to go over what’s been mentioned above, I’m not too sure if this has ‘repaired’ my hair, it does feel softer (when using it with the conditioner) but I can’t say it’s a huge difference to my normal haircare products either.

If you like changing your haircare products then definitely give it a go and if you love the smell of Aussie products you’ll love these too! 🙂

Tigi Headshot Shampoo Review – Purchase

You can view some other products from Tigi on lookfantastic by clicking HERE I haven’t been able to find this specific one but there are some good deals online at the moment and on look fantastic you get free worldwide shipping – yes FREE!!!

Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried this!

I love hearing from you!

Layla xx

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