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The Truth About Blogging

The Truth About Blogging



The Truth About Blogging

OK, so today I’ve made a little change – I’m not writing about fashion, beauty or lifestyle in this post….I’m writing about blogging!

The Truth About Blogging – It’s NOT Easy

It saddens / annoys me when I see people say that blogging is ‘easy’ – if you’re a person who’s committed, determined and passionate about blogging – it’s anything but easy!

I spend hours testing different beauty products, taking 1000’s of photos per week which I then sit down to edit and tweak followed by writing in-depth posts and beauty reviews.

While people sleep peacefully at night, more often than not – I’m awake at 2-3 in the morning writing my posts and replying to emails.

No one told me to become a blogger, it’s something that I love and I wouldn’t change it one bit however I feel like a lot of people don’t see the real side…. the truth about blogging.

The Truth About Blogging – Your Blog Appearance

As sad as it might sound, your blog appearance is key when it comes to blogging!

You have to make sure that you put effort into your blog, make it unique to you, easy to navigate and always, always, always keep it interesting for your readers.

I recommend Pipdig for this – Phil (the genius) is behind my blog design and widgets – we’re currently working on a few new things for the blog so there’l be some nice changes coming hopefully this week! 🙂

The Truth About Blogging – Your Posts

This post was inspired by me visiting another blog – I might sound a little horrible but I’ve started to lose count on how many blogs I’ve visited with terrible posts.

I viewed a blog today to see a ‘review‘ however it was so limited in the detail – it went something like this…. ‘ I bought X today from Y, I really like it’ – seriously? 🙁

I don’t want to offend anyone but if you want to be considered as a ‘top blogger’ or top in your niche then you really have to think about your posts and readers!

Before writing my posts, I always think about what I would like to see on another blog – especially if it’s a review.

I like providing readers with as much detail as possible, how something works, why it works, the formula and how to incorporate things into your skincare routine for example…

PLEASE think about your content – you never know who’s reading! 😉

The Truth About Blogging – Freebies


You do get freebies with blogging and I’ll be the first one to put my hands up and say – it’s a wonderful feeling BUT don’t start a blog just for the freebies….that’s not cool!

There’s SO much more to blogging than receiving free beauty products and clothes – it’s about connecting with your readers, working with a variety of brands, featuring products that you think will make readers benefit from and feel better about themselves…..

I’ve started writing motivation posts too – if a few people feel happier, it makes things so much more worthwhile, blogging is meant to be enjoyed by everyone….not just the reader or the blogger but by both!


Read my motivation posts here !

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The Truth About Blogging – It’s REALLY NOT Easy

I know, I’m recapping on what I wrote about above but I do feel like many people assume blogging is basically made up of a  bunch of teenagers who sit at their desk, write a paragraph and get paid thousands but that couldn’t be further away from the truth.

You have to put a lot of time into your blog, your posts, your photography, your content, social media – everything!

I’ll say it, I’m not perfect and I’m still learning new things everyday but I now feel like I’m at a place where I can share my tips and advice.

If one person feels better or feels like they’ve ‘learned’ something then it makes me a lot happier too….

I know a lot of people won’t agree with me on certain things but I’m the type of person that will say things as they are and this is the truth about blogging.

It’s not all jet-setting to different countries and living the life of luxury but for me personally – blogging is something special and I love everything about it – the good AND the bad! 🙂

I’d love to know what you all think about blogging – do you think there’s more to what most people see?

How many hours do you spend working on your blog and is it something that you could do full-time?

I’d love to know! 🙂


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