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Superdry Mirror

Superdry Mirror

Superdry Mirror

Superdry Mirror

Superdry Mirror


As you all know by now I have received some beautiful products from Superdry including this Superdry Mirror!

Up until recently I didn’t know Superdry had a beauty section, I thought they only had clothing but I was so happy to discover their products as they’re really lovely, affordable and the packaging is probably something I haven’t seen anywhere else!

Why do I like this Superdry Mirror?

I like it because it’s pink, because it looks cute and because it’s small enough to pop into a clutch bag yet big enough so you can really see yourself…it’s not like them tiny mirrors you can only see one eye in, no!

I also like the rubber casing meaning you can grip onto it and it won’t just drop out of your clutch or handbag…trust me, I’ve dropped my phone, lipgloss, lipstick and mirrors out of my clutch but with the rubber it should just grip onto material, like a rubber phone case!

Does this Superdry Mirror come in other colours?

Yes! It does! I’ve linked it all below for you! 🙂

Yellow Click HERE

Pink Click HERE

Purple Click HERE

See Also

Green Click HERE

Black Click HERE

How much are the Superdry Mirror?

The are priced at just £5 and if you think of the actual mirror and the casing it comes in…it’s cheap! 🙂

So wonderful readers! Let me know what you think of this Superdry Mirror!

Layla xxx

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