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Superdry Makeup Bag

Superdry Makeup Bag

Superdry Make-up Bag

Superdry Make-up Bag


A few days ago I received a wonderful parcel containing a Superdry Make-up Bag which is filled with wonderful goodies which I’m super-excited to try!

I’ve looked through all the make-up and I know you’ll fall in love with the products, they’re adorable, cute, colourful and unlike any other brand out there in terms of packaging!

I mean look at how cute and colourful the Make-up Bag is! It’s small enough to pop into your handbag yet big enough to fit a variety of products!

This is going to be my go-to bag when I’m on my travels and need to keep all my make-up and skincare in one place…it really is that cute!

You can purchase one of these Make-up bags from Superdry AND they’re available in other colours too, if you’re not a fan of the blue and green then go for the orange and pink which is summery and strangely reminds of a summer cocktail……

How much?

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It’s ONLY £10 and even if you don’t look after it I don’t think this will ruin!

Make sure you check back to view the other post on the products you can just about see in the second picture!

Thank you to Superdry for sending this through – they have been nothing but helpful and I would like to say a massive thank you to them! 🙂

Layla xx

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